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12+ Awesome Photos Of Siblings Meeting For The First Time

Having a brother or a sister can be the best thing ever. They can even become your best bud.

On the other hand, sibling rivalry is a real thing and siblings can sometimes be like cats and dogs or have a love-hate relationship.

Meeting a sibling for the first time is special and these pictures captured that moment perfectly.

1. A Tender Moment

Reddit | itsbethanne

This momma must be so thankful to whoever captured this special moment between her daughter meeting her little brother for the first time. This is heartwarming.

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2. Bonding Time

This cutie pie looks like she's already starting bonding time with her new baby sister. And everyone seems super happy about it too. They're adorable together.

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3. Sharing Moments Together

How precious is this private moment captured between these two brothers already being fascinated by their new sister joining the family? These two are the sweetest.

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4. The Best Reaction

Reddit | CaptainOutstanding

And this super funny little girl just found out that her new baby brother was just born. This must be blowing her mind right now.

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5. Not Everyone's Thrilled

Reddit | thesilverecluse

Looks like the other two siblings are welcoming their new addition to their family just fine but this little boy is just not having it.

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6. A Special Kiss

Oh wow, look at this little girl literally planting a kiss right on her baby sister's lips just mere moments after meeting her. Ahhh!

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7. Curious Meeting

Reddit | therabbii

It must be some kind of a special day for a sibling to meet their new brother or sister. They're so curious about this little human.

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8. All Confused

Reddit | wardamneagle

This kid is probably thinking, "Who is this little girl? Can we take her back to the hospital, please?" At least, I hope not. LOL!

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9. Forever Captured

Reddit | bwags1977

I'm really digging this black and white picture of this 6-year-old boy meeting his baby sister for the first time. I love his cute smile.

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10. Not Too Fond Of New Sister

Reddit | swank_kitten

I really don't know what this little baby did to this brother who obviously wasn't very fond of his new sister. Oops.

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11. Tickled Pink To Meet Baby Sister

I wish all kids had this kind of amazing reaction to meeting their new baby sister. This little one seems literally thrilled.

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12. Special Hello

Reddit | brand0n027

I can't get over the smiling face on this little girl as she looks at her tiny brother through the hospital window. This is the cutest thing.

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13. Here's Competition

Reddit | KaneJoseph

OMG, this little girl doesn't look too impressed looking at her baby brother. She's probably thinking "Who is this guy, getting all the attention?" Ha, ha.

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Since I'm the baby in the family I never had a chance to meet my sibling quite like these kids.

Giphy | Hallmark Channel

So I'm definitely living these sweet moments vicariously through them.

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