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Siblings Are Recreating Their Childhood Photos And It's Hilariously Sweet

Emily McWilliams 22 Feb 2019

Having a sibling or two (or more!) is truly a gift.

Of course, you might not have always appreciated that gift all the time, especially when that gift was really annoying, but as you grew up, you realized how special that bond with your sibling was.

The siblings in this article decided to commemorate their relationships by recreating their childhood photos decades after the original photo was taken.

Most of these pics are really funny, but they'll tug at your heartstrings, too.

Baby brother nailed the newborn face.

It's not an easy pose to recreate considering that newborns seem to be made out of Jell-O. I also have to give these guys props for committing to the scene and including a bottle in their recreation.

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These siblings grew up AND got a new couch!

Some things, like couches, will change over the years. But pretending to strangle your brother? That's something that will never, ever change.

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Still getting kisses from his sister.

Awww, well, this is just precious. Nothing can stop the love between a brother and sister. Where are the tissues?!

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The whole gang is here!

These siblings nailed the facial expressions of the original photo and were able to channel their inner-children in the recreation. I love this!

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Meeting his little brother.

Well, I guess he's not so little anymore. In fact, he barely fits in his mom's arms. I guess it's true what they say: They really do grow up so fast.

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Just hanging out with a seal.

My favorite thing about this recreation is that the seal got a new bandana and in the decades that passed between the two photos, these brothers grew amazing hair. Love it!

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Dogs are siblings, too!

These photos of a sister, her brother, and the family dog are just too cute for words. To be honest, the dog doesn't look like he's aged at all in 11 years! What's his secret?

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This one is picture-perfect.

They really locked down the costumes and facial expressions for this recreation. What is the photo recreation version of an Oscar? Give it to this trio!

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Still sledding away.

Even though the years have come and gone, you can tell that these sisters still love to have fun and goof off with each other. What a great shot!

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I'm still amazed that they managed to all fit.

Imgur | woodyj

Over 20 years later and these five were still able to squeeze in for this squeaky-clean shot. Love it!

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