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Martha Stewart Releases New Line Of Fancy CBD Gummies

Taylor Sakellis 17 Sep 2020

Look, Martha Stewart is like the OG domestic goddess. She is the master of entertaining. She is the creme de la creme of hostess with the mostest!

But she's also COOL AF! She has a cooking show with Snoop Dog, for goodness sakes! So naturally, when I heard Martha had released a line of ~ gourmet ~ CBD gummies and oils, I knew it was going to be FANCY!

If you're one of those people who haven't gotten on the Martha Stewart train, it's arriving now, sweeties.

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She is hilarious. She is a feminist icon and she loves a good cocktail or seven!

She also has a close friendship with rapper and cannabis expert, Snoop Dog.

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So naturally, when I heard Martha was making a business move into the CBD industry, I was intrigued! It's not everyday something so DELIGHTFUL happens!

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Speaking with The New York Times Martha explained her decision to branch out into the ~ wonderful ~ world of marijuana.

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The 79-year-old explained her partnership with Canopy Growth as a natural progression.

"I’m very interested in what is new and what is happening," she explained. "Like, I have an electric car. I have a Tesla. I adopted the computer before most of my friends — in 1982, I bought my first IBM. I’m an early adopter of a lot of things."

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"That keeps you very on your toes, it keeps you extremely avant-garde, it keeps you current. I want to be current."

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Don't get it twisted, Martha is a HIP QUEEN!

Her CBD line consists of both oils and gourmet confections, or gummies, for us plebs.

Find out more about Martha's CBD line here!

h/t: The New York Times.

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