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16 Wedding Hacks To Save Your Sanity

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Calling all brides and grooms-to-be!

They say all you need is love, but those of us who've been there know it takes blood, sweat, and tears to achieve the perfect wedding day — okay, maybe not blood. But trust me when I say that adding these hacks to your to-do list, instead of sweating the small stuff, will have you crying tears of joy.

You're welcome.

1. Beat the heat.

Brides | Brides

Planning an outdoor summer wedding? Cool off with these DIY programs glued onto popsicle sticks that double as fans. They'll come in handy during a long, hot, ceremony, which BTW, you shouldn't plan on having.

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2. Push the envelope. 

Catch My Party | Catch My Party

Many hands make light work.

Get your guests to write their address on your thank you card envelopes at the reception to save you time later, and invest in a stamp with your address on it.

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3. Break the seal.

Hunker | Hunker

More envelope hacks!

Unseal an envelope if you need to by putting it in a ziplock bag in the freezer for an hour. Use an invisible pen to number or write guests' initials on RSVP cards.

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4. Stretch it out.

Improvised Life | Improvised Life

Stretch out your shoes so your feet aren't killing you on your wedding day with thick socks and a hairdryer or freeze them with a water-filled ziplock bag. As the water freezes, it'll expand your shoes.

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5. A weight off your mind.

Bridal Beeswax | Bridal Beeswax

Here's a hack to throw your weight behind!

Keep your veil from flying away with magnetic veil weights that'll keep it in place if your nuptials happen to fall on a windy day.

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6. Watch the sparks fly.

Real Simple | Real Simple

Minimize any shocks on your wedding day.

Get rid of static on your wedding outfit or any of your wedding party's clothes with a simple wire hanger that you gently move along your dress or suit.

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7. In the driver's seat. 

La Mariée en Colére | La Mariée en Colére

Uncomplicate your reception seating plan.

Designate different colored tabs to distinguish between your family, your partner's family, friends, and work colleagues. Draw out numbered circles and rework your plan as many times as you need.

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8. Wipe it away. 

Drew Gregory Photography | Drew Gregory Photography

If you're wearing white, it's not so much of an issue. But if you're a bride or groom wearing anything but white, make sure to bring along dryer sheets to rub off any deodorant marks.

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9. Zap away unexpected guests. 

Make Up Tutorials | Make Up Tutorials

To shrink unwelcome wedding pimples, dab a bit of Listerine or rub ice cubes on them for ten minutes. Get rid of redness with a bit of Visine on a cotton swab.

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10. Foil them all. 

This Fairy Tale Life | This Fairy Tale Life

To enjoy your wedding cake and do the old eat-a-piece-wedding-cake-on-each-anniversary tradition, freeze the top layer uncovered for 20 minutes, then wrap it in foil to keep it fresh.

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11. Stand your ground.

wikiHow | wikiHow

To avoid slipping and falling on your wedding day — because that would be the most embarrassing thing ever — try rubbing sandpaper or a nail file on the bottom of your shoes or spraying hairspray.

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12. No hidden agenda. 

Best Romantic Weddings | Best Romantic Weddings

There's a lot to do on the wedding day.

Keep your wedding party on the ball with a wedding party itinerary so they know exactly where they have to be at all times.

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13. Bring along your bag of tricks.

Off Beat Bride | Off Beat Bride

Here's a hack to help you go pee, stress-free on your wedding day. Bring along a garbage bag, make a hole in the bottom, put your legs through and tuck your dress in.

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14. Dig in your heels.

Go Go Heel | Go Go Heel

You'll be so glad you thought of these ahead of time when you're out in the middle of a park taking pictures. Dig your heels into heel protectors instead of the ground on your wedding day.

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15. Hold their attention.

Home Is Where The Boat Is | Home Is Where The Boat Is

For a crafty and clever, inexpensive DIY centerpiece (try saying that 10x fast), use the netting that holds avocados to hold your flowers in place in a mason jar. Secure the netting with the lid.

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16. A cut above the rest.

Painted Furniture Ideas | Painted Furniture Ideas

Burlap is a hot wedding trend but can be messy to work with. To cut burlap, pull one of the threads out and cut through that space, or pull out more threads and create fringe.

Do you have any other wedding hacks to add to this list? SHARE them in the COMMENTS!

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