16 Watermelon Recipes That Have Us Salivating For Summer

Diply 4 Apr 2018

It's really rather startling how much people like watermelon.

An example: I was a day camp counselor, and one of the days, we had sliced watermelon as a snack. That entire room of picky eaters, the ones who we'd sometimes almost have to trick into eating their healthy food, devoured two giant platefuls of watermelon.

They ate so much that after I'd gone around the table, the kids I'd served first were ready for seconds. I literally just kept circling the table, handing out thirds and fourths until we were completely out.

It's no different at most beach picnics and barbecues, so here are some ideas for sneaking in more watermelon this summer!

1. Popsicles are the perfect summer snack, and adding watermelon and kiwi only makes them better.

Real Food by Dad | Real Food by Dad

These treats are 100% fruit — the perfect "compromise" when the ice cream truck is singing its way down the street.

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2. I've always thought the secret to a popular salad is to love every single addition.

Recipe Runner | Recipe Runner

Feta, check. Watermelon, double check. Basil, lime, and balsamic? It's like this salad knows me.

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3. This cake is flavored with real watermelon juice, and the slices are surprisingly realistic.

I Am Baker | I Am Baker

The chocolate chip "seeds" are a fantastic touch, and the recipe also uses a touch of strawberry flavor to enhance the juicy watermelon.

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4. Chocolate-dipped fruit is always good, but I never considered watermelon.

Rodale's Organic Life | David Malosh

Those flakes of sea salt make this simple dessert look incredibly appetizing. I'm now adding both chocolate and watermelon to my shopping list.

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5. You can make your own watermelon gelato with just two ingredients.

Dreena Burton | Dreena Burton

This gelato's all about blending together frozen cubed watermelon with slices of ripe bananas for added creaminess and then sticking the fruit back in the freezer. You can add some more sweetness, but it's amazing as is!

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6. Fruit leather isn't just for kids, but the kids will definitely love it.

Domestically Blissful | Domestically Blissful

The bright color would make this snack a huge hit at a birthday party or family picnic.

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7. Nothing says summer like watermelon salsa, especially when it's served in a watermelon bowl.

The Gunny Sack | The Gunny Sack

The crisp colors in this juicy dish are from cucumbers, peppers, cilantro, and onions. You can dip in chips or serve the salsa on top of some chicken fresh from the grill.

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8. These "cupcakes" are a brilliant sweet treat that'll definitely start some buzz. 

Domestically Blissful | Domestically Blissful

They're basically cupcake-shaped watermelon pieces topped with whipped coconut cream and your favorite topping. Kids would also love to decorate their own!

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9. I'm already imagining the crunch of watermelon paired with the smooth goat cheese.

A Food Centric Life | A Food Centric Life

You cut the watermelon into thick slices with round cookie cutters and then spoon them out with a melon baller tool. Pipe some goat cheese into it and prepare for heaven.

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10. Somehow, making a dessert look like watermelon instantly makes it scream summer.

Cookies and Cups | Cookies and Cups

This watermelon fudge is super cute and uses watermelon oil to get that yummy watermelon flavor. I'll have a whole melon, please.

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11. Watermelon lemonade is a new one for me, but I'm all for trying it.

Delish | Delish

You basically just need a watermelon, some lemons, honey, and a food processor for this refreshing drink.

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12. A few extra dollops of whipped cream and I am all for this.

Eat Spin Run Repeat | Eat Spin Run Repeat

You can carve a watermelon into a ton of different shapes, so a watermelon cake is a must-try. Plus you don't have to bake it!

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13. Grilling watermelon lends a surprising edge to this juicy treat.

The Kitchn | The Kitchn

Depending on what kind of seasoning you choose, you can make it a smoky side dish or an unusual dessert!

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14. Watermelon and brie is the perfect flavor combination.

My Suburban Kitchen | My Suburban Kitchen

This fancy-looking appetizer is mostly a matter of stacking watermelon slices, brie, and arugula with some balsamic syrup drizzled on top. Great for a hot summer night!

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15. The dark hint of cherry in this cherry and watermelon sorbet makes it look incredibly decadent.

Emilie Eats | Emilie Eats

It's incredible how easy it is to make sorbet out of frozen fruit. I think I'll be making sorbets all summer.

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16. Watermelon is also great for thirst-quenching mixed drinks.

Jennifer Meyering | Jennifer Meyering

This vodka watermelon cooler looks like a fantastic way to cool down this summer, and I love the layer of green at the bottom to make the whole drink look like a watermelon.

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