13 Trippy Pictures That'll Confuse Your Brain

Diply 7 Mar 2016

Every once and a while, we stumble across something that really makes us look twice.

Often, these things are images we have captured on our phones or cameras that we do not notice until after the fact.

Here are 13 those images that will play a trick on you!

1. I still don't understand why he would put his own hand there. 

imgur | mcnugget64
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2. He decapitated her! 

reddit | FlipBoy23
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3. This one took me a minute. 

reddit | jezebelshottersister

For a second, I thought she was a tripod.

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4. A dog skewer! 

reddit | Thisnameisfine
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5. Looks like this cat has a huge mouth. 

reddit | akaRoommate
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6. They all pull it off so well. 

reddit | bulba5aur
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7. They played themselves. 

reddit | Kinkie_Pie
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8. ...is that a horse? Upstairs? 

reddit | abenji
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9. No hamsters were harmed in the making of this Tinder pic. 

reddit | rakkadimus
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10. Which one is the real him?!

reddit | lolihull
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11. This took me forever, but that guy on the right is definitely 'Shopped.

Buzzstach | Buzzstach

I mean, look at his hair.

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12. That is one strong cat! 

reddit | insaneblane
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13. Giraffes are weird. 

reddit | Deus_G
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14. There is a story behind this...

reddit | heinekenchugger

And again with the hamsters.

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15. Really makes you think... 

reddit | Gnurx
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16. If we go down, we go down together!

reddit | itttdone
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17. But what's she drinking?

reddit | ashleyglasser
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