16 People Who Got Stuck In Really Stupid Places

Diply 6 Apr 2018

I remember when I was in the tenth grade, I was hanging out at the park with a couple of my friends, just being hooligans. One of my friends thought it would be really funny to get into one of the baby swings. Needless to say, it did not go well for him. At all. Luckily, we didn't need to call for any help, but there was butter involved — let's just say that.

1. This guy got stuck in a washing machine. Goodness knows what he was doing in there in the first place. 

Reddit | [deleted]

I can't think of one good reason to put your whole body in a washing machine, and I consider myself a creative person.

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2. This guy has gotten himself stuck in a highchair — a chair for children, while he is very clearly an adult.

Reddit | Maverickkat

I can't imagine being a firefighter getting called to a situation like this.

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3. I am glad to see that my friends aren't the only ones who are a little insane from time to time.

Reddit | sleepysnowboarder

Apparently, adults getting stuck in baby swings is a very common occurrence.

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4. Imagine being the person who would forever be remembered as the woman who got a Barney costume stuck to her head.

Reddit | beet111

I would try really hard to be supportive, but I'm not so sure I would be able to.

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5. I don't even want to know what this person was thinking when they got themselves into this situation.


Or how they thought that this was going to end well, because I think we can all see that it was never going to.

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6. Sometimes I wonder how someone can get into something and then not get out of it.

Reddit | Huey13

Although, to be fair, it looks like she made this way more complicated than it maybe started out being.

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7. The classic baby with their head stuck in the fence. 

Reddit | mraaron_standen

I think that we have all been here — there is no denying it. I was told that when I was a kid, I got my head stuck in a chair. I don't remember that happening, but it's probably for the best.

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8. To catch everyone up, this is a grown man who got his finger stuck in the wall at a restaurant.

Reddit | jesterp13

Again, why would you ever do this? What did he think he was going to accomplish?

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9. Apparently, this person got stuck in the window trying to get a turd out of the toilet that was not going to flush.

Twitter | @vovolifestyle

I have done some crazy things in my life, but I'm not sure this would have ever crossed my mind.

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10. Let's be honest for a second — this cannot feel good at all. 

Reddit | atrain1181

Also, who knows how long it was going to be before someone saw this? I've gone to one of these boxes like twice in my whole life.

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11. Is there no one watching this child?

Reddit | Bigfudge01

I totally get that free samples are the bomb, but this kid is stuck in a freezer! At least he probably learned some kind of lesson.

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12. This woman dropped her phone in the sewer and went to retrieve it, only to find that her lost phone was going to be the least of her worries.

Reddit | QuarterPounderz

Classic. Cellphones causing so much trouble.

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13. When a staff member got herself locked in a room, she got creative with their service app.

Reddit | LondonDave

I'm sure she never lived the mistake down, but I give her tons of cred for coming up with this.

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14. When you hear noise in the kitchen, you don't usually expect to find a baby goat stuck in the bin.

Reddit | spreiss

According to the user, the goat is his, but it's not supposed to be inside the house.

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15. "My buddy traveled across the country to visit me last weekend. Unfortunately, he got stuck in his hotel shower for 3 hours. Shout-out to Julio for helping out a man in need." —wilsononreddit

Reddit | wilsononreddit

The number of commenters sharing their own stories makes me want to make sure my phone is will me whenever using a hotel shower.

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16. Please enjoy this collage of adorable Japanese mascots stuck in places. 

Reddit | jaapgrolleman

The blank faces of the costumes make them extra funny. You just know there's a person inside freaking out, but Pikachu is so chill.

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