16 People Doing It So Wrong It Hurts


I am not a smart man. That much has been proven to me. Sure, I guess I'm fairly witty and I know my basic multiplication tables. But I'm also the guy who has a scar across his thumb from slashing at an apple with a butter knife for absolutely no reason.

So I'm kind of an expert in dumb things and dumb people. I even lead a few.
But these people take it to a whole nother level, and it actually hurts.

1. I feel this girl needs to be supported

reddit | ntheg111
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2. Just want to get that authentic bike riding feel 

The Chive | The Chive
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3. One day, we won't have all these fancy furnishings like indoor plumbing 

reddit | Cynepkokc
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4. That's it. Christmas is ruined

reddit | Ziplock189
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5. Just a little crab grass. You can cover that up OH GOD NOW WHAT HAVE I DONE

reddit | TgaGuy
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6. He's going to be pretty upset when he realizes this doesn't taste like ice cream

reddit | cannonflake
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7. When you're working a steady 9–5 but can't give up your dreams of being a puppet master 

reddit | somecallmemike
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8. This is the actual face of regret 

reddit | BUSEYS
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9. I have a feeling he'll be sleeping alone for a long long time 

reddit | AdamBarnhouse
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10. This is just cruel 

bigeyeguy | bigeyeguy
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11. So, this is my life now

reddit | MasterofNuns
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12. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin

reddit | wrong_game
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13. This guy. I hate this guy

reddit | holaq
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14. She really only trusts Google Maps to get her around town 

myindiapictures | myindiapictures
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15. Just wear it with confidence. You got this

Mandatory | Mandatory
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16. He's probably going to learn a lot about Starbucks by chapter 4

reddit | IKrato
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