Seashell Manicures Make For a Gorgeous Summer Staple

Diply 14 Aug 2017

I spent the past weekend in the sun and on the sand, soaking up each last drop the sea before heading back to the land full of skyscrapers and subways.

Don't get me wrong — I love the city. But, summer is the perfect time to spend out on the shore on a tropical island somewhere, don't you think? If you also are in need of some vitamin sea, check out these neat, nautical seashell nails that might fill the void.

Can't go wrong with a classic white seashell and pearl manicure! I love how reflective the pearl polish is.

Instagram | @graczyk_julia

Both are elements from the sea that I am obsessed with.

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So, a mermaid and a unicorn walk into a bar... and this magical, rainbow seashell accent nail is the result.

Instagram | @p.jisu_

Isn't this fun? I love the little pearl beads down at the bottom!

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Love more detailed designs?  

Instagram | @jeatles

Look no further than this teal and purple sea-inspired manicure, complete with shells, starfish, pearls, and rhinestones. So fab!

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Aiming to amp it up? These seaglass accent nails are the perfect addition to this textured look!

Instagram | @beeqnails

Don't ask me how, but I'm sure Google can tell you a thing or two.

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Does it get more millennial than a halochrome, mermaid-inspired mani with the one and only #MillennialPink?

Instagram | @jaeoheelle

Answer: no, no it doesn't, and I am living for it.

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Some seashells can be painted with simple white lines over a different color, like these white and pink ones.

Instagram | @beauty_and_the_city_by_elli Follow

So cute, I love the look of that polish underneath, too! These are simple and sweet.

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Others can be done through a more complicated raising technique, resulting in a realistic look like this one.

Instagram | @lulustudio_majormackenzie

Gold glitter and rhinestones make this manicure extra as hell and I, for one, am here for it.

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Channel the sassy siren from within with these wave and blue seashell nails, complete with pearls and glitter, of course.

Instagram |

If I have to go under the sea to get this design done, then so be it.

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Prettiest in pink! Loving that French tip accent and the marbled look on these!

Instagram | @cosmobykyla

Aren't you in love?

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Gorgeous seaglass and gold nails might be my all-time fave!

Instagram | @nailsalonpinkkey

Ridged detailing on the shells? Impeccable. Gold accents? Glamorous af. Seaglass effect? So stunning! Yes, these have to be my fave.

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