15 Pictures Guaranteed To Make Makeup Lovers Slightly Uncomfortable

Diply 22 Dec 2017

Makeup lovers know that walking into a Sephora is akin to waking up on Christmas morning, surrounded by promising presents. Our makeup becomes our most prized possession, and we will protect it at all costs.

But sometimes, the universe has a different plan in mind. For these people, their makeup came under attack, and we are totally here to sympathize with them.

1. This chewed-up, splinter-inducing makeup brush. 

Twitter | @gracyhenderson_

When dogs choose to destroy things, why is it that they never go for the cheap stuff? They're seriously so rude.

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2. These voluminous eyelashes. 

Me.me | Me.me

We all have that one girl in our friend group who has an unhealthy obsession with piling on the mascara until her eyelashes resemble hairy spider legs.

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3. This completely ruined display of eyeshadows at Sephora. 

Facebook | Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry

Can you believe that this monstrosity was caused by a CHILD? This is the only proof I need that I wasn't cut out for children.

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4. This valiant attempt at lip lining. 

Lipstick Alley | Lipstick Alley

Some people do say that Kylie's lips are a little...overly plump. So maybe she was successful after all. Maybe? No?

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5. When this possessed dog decided it was going to ruin this poor girl's life. 

Twitter | @dee_faux

If her roommate didn't offer to replace all of it AND throw in a freebie, she should've called the police.

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6. This filthy collection of makeup brushes that look like they're from the 1920s. 

The Skiny | The Skiny

How could anyone dare touch those disgusting bristles to their face? I seriously can't.

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7. This glorious start to the morning. 

HappyFacts | HappyFacts

I don't know how or why this happened, but let's all take a moment of silence for the poor soul who owns these makeup products.

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8. This moldy, hairy beauty blender. 

Twitter | @eversincecurly

Ummm, how does this even happen? And why is she touching it? Does she store her makeup collection in a dark, damp environment?

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9. This array of crumbling makeup compacts. 

Hey Wanderer | Hey Wanderer

And the worst part? Those highlight compacts look like Becca. And anyone who has ever bought a Becca highlighter knows how traumatizing this is.

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10. That time this girl learned a hard lesson about eyelash curlers. 

Twitter | @CieraHyatt

I don't even own an eyelash curler because this has been my biggest fear since I was a child.

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11. When you're trying to do your mascara in a moving vehicle and immediately regret your decision. 

Catch Studios | Catch Studios

The best way to apply mascara in a moving car is to not even try.

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12. This disgusting excuse of a boyfriend who thought it'd be funny to ruin his girlfriend's makeup. 

YouTube | Joey's Vlogs

There was also a hammer involved. Let's pray she dumped his ass immediately after.

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13. When this girl's wild beast of a dog decided to destroy the highly-coveted Naked palette. 

Twitter | @RachelReedX

Doesn't his rude ass know these are more than 60 bucks??? This has got me emotional.

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14. When you see poor, unsuspecting people going about their lives with mascara streaming down their faces. 

Patricinha Esperta | Patricinha Esperta

And that is why, my friends, you should never venture outside during wintertime.

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15. And last but definitely not least, this literal puddle of liquid foundation found on the inside of a phone. 

Imgur | Imgur

If you wear that much foundation, you shouldn't even be allowed to use any form of modern communication.

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