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24 Pics Just Barely Infuriating Enough To Make Anyone Twitch

Diply 23 Jan 2018

Lots of things make me mad. But I almost prefer that over the sort of irksome, but not-actually-worth-mentioning little annoyances that crop up everywhere.

I mean, if you complain about a street sign that's so poorly placed it's causing accidents, that's understandable. If you complain that the street sign's text is slightly off-center, you're just a dick.

1. Nothing like sharpening a fresh pencil to find the wood is in the way.

Reddit | Squeakypants69

This is the result of bad manufacturing. The graphite core is off-center, so the entire pencil will be like this. Ugh.

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2. Okay, who installed the buttons on this elevator?

Reddit | Flupox

It's like the person was slowly falling sideways as they worked, causing each button to become more and more crooked as you go down the line.

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3. When "oddly satisfying" becomes "mildly infuriating."

Reddit | bobopickles04

When you first see this container, you feel that satisfied tingle at the perfect alignment of the beads...and then you get to the bottom.

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4. Clearly, these books were arranged by someone with no attention to detail.

Reddit | CatPrez

That, or another person borrowed the one volume and put it back wrong, which may be 1000x worse.

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5. But there is a very special hell for the designer that used the wrong font on Volume 19.

Reddit | Reddit

Why?! Did they just forget with one they'd used for the previous 18 spines?

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6. I'd probably eat the sideways gum first...

Reddit | EXPGamer303

Though I might leave it for last, just out of spite. Is that petty? Sure, but better to take my need for pettiness out on gum rather than a person.

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7. If I wanted a plain donut, I would have ordered a plain donut!

Reddit | Reddit

Sure, you can smear the frosting back onto the top of the donut, but it just won't be the same.

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8. When you're hangry, a defective seal isn't going to cut it. 

Reddit | ese_writes_essays

That applesauce, pudding, or yogurt may be the only thing keeping you from lashing out in hunger! Quick, find a chocolate bar!

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9. Also unacceptable: a pop tab that breaks off before the can is open.

Reddit | TrekkieEnderman

Now you're stuck tempting fate and your fingers on a hack to get to that sweet, sweet caffeine.

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10. Are the compass points wrong, or did the installation of the plaque go wrong?

Reddit | Vikram_Tiwari

Either way, I think the Tiffany & Co. Foundation probably had a few choice words once they saw the result.

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11. It's painful to think that there are probably thousands of these in the world. 

Reddit | Fearricepudding

If one lid got misaligned at the factory, many more must have. Does it still work? Yes, but it's the principle of the thing!

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12. It's basic logic that the pen barrel should match the ink, right?

Reddit | Hyperion1221

So why is the red lightsaber a blue pen while the blue lightsaber is a black pen? Clearly, the Dark Side has won here.

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13. There are two types of people in the world...

Reddit | val_the_impaler

Those who blatantly ignore the obvious spoon rest, and those who are silently fighting off the urge to strangle the ones who blatantly ignore the spoon rest.

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14. With luck, a few flips of the trapdoor will dislodge your precious snack.

Reddit | parasity33

If not, you're stuck spending more money in an attempt to knock it down with another snack.

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15. Wouldn't you be tempted to park there just to spite them for the formatting errors?

Reddit | MCBananacheese

Why is the "i" in "will" lowercase? And also, it's missing an apostrophe, so one could argue that it's unclear who has to pay for the towing.

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16. This is the worst word search ever invented.

Reddit | Danieldefault

And yet, I totally just spent the last five minutes looking for some of the license plate numbers. I couldn't help it!

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17. Once you see the extra tile, you can't unsee it.

Reddit | aironem

May as well just burn the whole building down and start all over again.

Or, you know, replace the one tile.

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18. This solution to parking is so advanced that parking lots just can't keep up. 

Reddit | Xtratimesoccer

This guy is their best employee. He really thinks outside the box. He breaks boundaries. He colors outside the lines.

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19. Proof that your office is populated by monkeys.

Reddit | Tastybread

Like, who did this to a perfectly innocent carton of half-and-half? Just because you haven't had your coffee yet doesn't mean you need to take it out on the carton.

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20. This vending machine,'s totally trolling people.

Reddit | Jawaddles

Like, how does this even happen? How many quarters have been sacrificed to this monster? It hurts me just to look at it.

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21. And this is why you should never put your trust in Spell Check.

Reddit | Reddit

Sometimes it'll just decide that a word isn't a word. Should we worry that a machine decided people aren't a thing?

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22. I had a roommate that did this.

Reddit | tinyfoe

And when she did actually change it, she'd just leave the empty cardboard roll on the floor beside the toilet.

She's not my roommate anymore.

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23. This apartment intercom grid starts out okay...

Reddit | mraza9

But falls apart in the second row. Like, what is happening here? There is no logic behind the layout of the apartment numbers.

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24. Okay, I'll admit, I laughed at this one.

Reddit | theLorax287

However, it was a sad, twitchy laugh at how well it worked on me. I love it and yet hate it so very, very much.

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