12+ Hacks That'll Make Life With Long Nails So Much Easier

Diply 6 Jul 2018

I know some of y'all think that long fingernails are gross, but did you ever consider the pros that come with them? Trust me, there are a lot of great things you can do because you have long fingernails.

There are things that you probably do almost everyday and don't appreciate your nails for getting the job done!

Whether they're real or fake, let's appreciate our awesome, long fingernails by reminding ourselves of all the hacks we can do for and with them!

1. Never worry about burning your little fingers again while trying to pull toast out of the toaster! 

Instagram | @momentuman

Long fingernails are bomb for pinching hot things — like your toast. You won't have to waste any of your clean kitchen tools when you've got your nails as one.

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2. Pimple popping is easier with long nails... Yes, I went there. 

Instagram | @rafaellamaranhao

Getting rid of those nasty blackheads on your nose is so much easier with longer nails. No matter how gross, it's great to get rid of 'em!

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3. Just because you have long nails doesn't mean you can't do everyday things! 

YouTube | Daphne S

Don't you worry, doing tasks like putting on sandals and jewelry can still be done! Just use the side of your thumb instead of the top, like Daphne S does here. The long nail life is forever.

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4. We want longer nails for how amaze they can look, but long nails can get flimsy. Here's your remedy! 


All you need for this hack from VVWVV is freshly squeezed orange juice, garlic, lemon, lime, and olive oil. Soak your nails and they will be stronger and grow longer!

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5. You may have long, beautiful nails, but are they turning yellow? You don't want yellow nails to ruin your awesome length. 

Instagram | @acetone_trip

Little Things says to create a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Let your nails soak in the solution to reduce the yellow tinge!

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6. Tampons have more uses than one! Use them to remove toenail polish. 

YouTube | xoJahtna

Sometimes your nails are too long to hold a cotton ball properly, or maybe you don't want to risk messing up your painted fingernails by holding a polish remover-soaked cotton ball. xoJahtna shares that a tampon will allow you to seamlessly remove polish from your toes without removing color on your fingernails!

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7. If you have long nails, I know you are probably trying some riiskkkyy designs on them. Don't worry about making a mess with this hack! 

YouTube | heartsKarla

I swear, painting your nails has never been easier. Just paint glue around your nail and peel off the mess after! What an awesome tip from YouTuber heartsKarla.

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8. Opening packages is simple and quick with your sharp, long nails. 

Giphy | Giphy

All of those Amazon boxes heading your way will be a breeze to open. Who needs a knife when your nails can pierce through the tape! Plus, who has time to get a knife when you have a present waiting, anyway?

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9. Does anyone else struggle with opening their makeup powders and eyeshadow pallets? 

Instagram | @juliet0617

It's hard without any nails, okay?! If my nails are long, I can easily stick them under the lid and prop it open. Long nails are your makeup's BFF.

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10. You know what's the worst? When tape gets stuck down on a flat surface and you can't scrape it off. 

Giphy | Giphy

Um, helllloooo! That's what your nails are for! You can get your long nails underneath the tape and pull it back. Also great for when the tape gets stuck back down on the roll.

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11. Here's a protip for keeping those long nails durable! 

YouTube | Natasha Lee

Natasha Lee uses a gel-based coat on her nails to add that extra layer of strength. This will be helpful when painting your long nails and avoiding those awful chips.

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12. If you're acrylics are growing out, don't fret. This will save you some money! 

YouTube | WhatWouldLizzyDo

Whether you're too broke to get them filled, or are just trying to grow them out, a good way to cover up the space where your real nail is coming in is to create a glitter gradient, just like WhatWouldLizzyDo. So pretty!

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13. You can't have long fingernails if you keep biting them, so, like, stop! 

Instagram | @sweetie_nails_spa

Okay, fine. I know it's hard to get rid of old habits, and nail biting is a common one. To try and stop biting your nails, Tipnut says to soak them in tea tree oil. It'll taste so bad that you won't want to bite them.

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14. Scratching all of your lottery tickets has never been a quicker job. 

Giphy | Giphy

You'll definitely have to clean your nails after because all of the sticky goo will get stuck underneath, but hey, if you win big bucks, it's worth it!

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15. If you have trouble cracking eggs open, then you know pieces of shell will get into your mixing bowl. 

Instagram | @jeaniegreenhens

Fortunately, long fingernails are great for fishing those tiny pieces of cracked eggshell out of the mixing bowl!

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16. There may eventually come a time when you want to get those long, acrylic fingernails off. 

Instagram | @hellslilrebel

Use a floss pick on loose acrylic nails! Just slide underneath and pop the nail off. Pinterest user Blair Simmons Renel makes this look easy peasy. I'll use these more for my nails than my teeth!

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