16 Lemon Hacks That'll Have You Cleaning Out The Produce Section

Diply 12 Apr 2018

Lemons are incredibly underrated. We see them all the time, but we never stop to admire their gorgeous color, their vibrant, sour taste, or the ways that they seem to do pretty much everything.

Yes, everything. They'll clean your microwave, make your shower sparkle, and help you peel your hard-boiled eggs more easily. Lemons are the unsung heroes of the produce section, and these hacks will show you why.

1. Rubbing a lemon on your shower fixtures can help with hard water stains and rust.

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

The acidity of the lemon works away at the stains, and you can also try this on bits of rust from shaving cream cans, bobby pins, etc.

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2. You might not want to keep your lemons in a bowl on your counter.

One Good Thing | One Good Thing

Apparently they might keep best submerged in water and in the fridge, with some claims that this trick will keep the lemons good for up to three months.

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3. I love lemon water, but that extra step of pausing to cut up the lemon puts me off more than I like to admit.

Elephantastic Vegan | Elephantastic Vegan

It turns out that the slices freeze really well, so you can just cut up a whole lemon and have the slices ready (and cold!) for whenever you need them.

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4. Boiling your eggs with a lemon wedge can save you from a lot of peeling frustration.

Eating from the Ground Up | Eating from the Ground Up

We've all been there with eggs that are half gone by the time they're fully peeled. With the lemon wedge trick, however, the shell should easily come off, even with super fresh eggs.

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5. A pretty mason jar candle with lemons can actually double as a mosquito repellent.

TipHero | TipHero

The jar has lemon eucalyptus oil, rosemary, lemon, and lime, and it should help to keep the pesky bugs away.

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6. The combination of lavender and lemon in a spray can make your linens smell amazing.

Living Locurto | Living Locurto

The essential oils will help you freshen up towels and leave a lovely, vibrant scent in your bathroom and around your home.

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7. Clean the rust off your knives using a cut lemon and salt.

Mom 4 Real | Mom 4 Real

Dip the open side of the lemon in a plate of salt and then rub that open side on a knife. The acidic lemon juice works with the salt to rub away at the rust.

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8. Lemon is really popular for beauty routines, especially when combined with a sugar scrub.

Soulfully Made | Soulfully Made

The combination smells amazing and is supposed to soften your skin and make it glow. As with all DIY scrubs, make sure to test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin.

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9. An overnight method for cleaning rusty knives is to soak them in lemon juice.

Mom 4 Real | Mom 4 Real

This works for smaller amounts of rust, and in the morning you rinse off the knives with warm water.

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10. You can even use lemons to make your own DIY dishwasher detergent.

Bren Did | Bren Did

The simple combination of water, lemon, vinegar, and salt does a surprisingly effective job on dishes, with the bonus of being all-natural and incredibly good-smelling.

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11. It seems no one is completely safe from fruit flies in their kitchen, but a lemon can help.

Food52 | Food52

Place a lemon cut in half on your oven rack and leave the door slightly open overnight or for a few hours. Then close the door and turn the broiler on.

After the oven cools, just wipe out the bottom, and your flies should be gone — plus your kitchen will smell good!

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12. Anyone else have a wooden cutting board that is constantly dirty and that they hate cleaning?

Milk and Eggs | Milk and Eggs

I knew it wasn't just me. Try scrubbing the cutting board with lemon and salt to remove the food particles and have the cutting board smelling fresh again.

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13. Use a muffin tray to make lemon and lime ice cubes.

Industrious Justice | Industrious Justice

The size is perfect for round slices, and the cubes will look great in your pitcher on a hot summer's day.

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14. Don't forget about the peel when you're juicing lemons.

Food in Jars | Food in Jars

You can cut off strips with a vegetable peeler and let them air dry. In a day or two once they're dry, scoop them into an airtight jar and put them in a dark place. You can use the peels in your tea, vinaigrettes, etc.

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15. Use a lemon in your microwave to get rid of disgusting leftover food and odors.

The Kitchn | The Kitchn

Just cut the lemon, squeeze the juice into water, drop the rest of the lemon in, and microwave it for three minutes.

The water will boil and create steam to loosen food particles, and then you wipe it all down with a cloth for a freshened microwave!

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16. Half a lemon can even clean glass to make it sparkling clean.

YouTube | Old School Home & Garden with Sasha

Here, a lemon was used to scrub at the tough soap scum on a glass shower door, and it's pretty impressive.

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