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15 Easy Ways To Save Space In Your Home

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Does anyone else take a look at the real estate prices and drown your sorrows in a big ol' glass of chocolate milk? Okay, maybe not chocolate milk, but you get my point.

I'm basically stuck with a tiny apartment for life, and I've mostly gotten over it at this point. But when you've got a tiny home, you've got to be strategic with storage and saving space. It ain't easy, my friends!

1. Attach Magnets To The Top Of Your Fridge

The Awesomer | The Awesomer

No one uses the space on the top of the fridge! This is actually one of the most genius space-saving hacks I've ever seen. You could either buy something like this or DIY it.

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2. Use Over-The-Door Storage To Organize Bathroom Products

From Overwhelmed To Organized | From Overwhelmed To Organized

Over-the-door storage might usually be meant for shoes, but you can really organize and store anything in there! This could be used for toys in the kids room, too.

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3. Use CD Racks To Store Tupperware Lids

Guff | Guff

Who uses CD racks anymore anyway? Might as well pick some up at the thrift store for $0.50 and use them to your advantage. Tupperware is so hard to organize and store efficiently!

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4. Use Bamboo Sticks In A Jar To Hold Knives

Felicia KRamer | Felicia KRamer

Hey, not everyone can have some fancy-shmancy knife holder with every knife under the rainbow. Some people have to go the broke route, okay?

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5. Cut Notches In Your Shelves For Toothbrushes

Family Handyman | Family Handyman

Did you know that your toothbrushes should be kept in a drawer or cabinet? There's a heck of a lot of germs floating around a bathroom.

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6. Get Your Tools Off The Garage Floor With PVC Pipe

Ash Bee Design | Ash Bee Design

If your garage looks more like a garbage dump than you want it to, start by getting everything off the floor and onto the walls to optimize storage space.

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7. Add Velcro Tape To Controllers So You Never Lose Them

Pinterest | Pinterest

I'm constantly loosing our remote control within the seats of the couch. Sometimes the dog even buries it there (she's also chewed up a PS4 controller...).

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8. Make More Closet Space With Soda Tabs

RMH Charleston | RMH Charleston

This is another hack that is tried and true! I've been doing this with my clothes hangers for a few months now and it definitely helps with closet space!

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9. Hide Your Jewelry Behind A Mirror

Dreaming In DIY | Dreaming In DIY

Medicine cabinets have been a thing for years as a great way to hide less desirable items behind a mirror. This hack is basically the same thing, just much more glam!

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10. Use A Carabiner To Hold Your Hair Elastics

The Middle Flipper | The Middle Flipper

I can NEVER seem to find a hair elastic when I need one the most. Using a carabiner is not only genius, but it's pretty cheap, too. I need to stock up on these guys!

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11. Use Chicken Wire To Make A Jewelry Display

Hometalk | Hometalk

Cutting chicken wire is definitely not the most fun project. It sucks, but it's worth it! Use the wire and an old frame to display your jewelry.

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12. Use Adhesive Hooks Everywhere

Pinterest | Pinterest

Whether you're organizing your quilting supplies or making space in your kitchen, adhesive hooks are a godsend! I'm stocking up on these, grandma would be so proud.

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13. Use Jars Underneath Your Shelves

Pinterest | Pinterest

Whenever I have to break out the hammer and nails, I groan a bit. But for this DIY, even though it's kind of annoying, it's kind of amazing too!

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14. Use An Accessory Hook To Hold Your Camisoles

Hometalk | Hometalk

Who else needs a better way to organize their closet space so their bedroom is less messy? With hacks like these, my room's going to be a palace!

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15. Use A Magnetic Strip To Hold Bobby Pins

Decor Notes | Decor Notes

This is a hack that I use in my home, and for the most part it definitely works. I just have to remember to put the bobby pins away when I've used them!

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What are your favorite ways to save a little space in your home?

Giphy | Giphy

COMMENT to let us know which is your favorite, and don't forget to SHARE with your friends!

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