9. Use a box cutter to give your boxes handles. 

Because handles make everything better, you can also add them to your regular boxes. Cut them out of the sides, and use tape to make the sharp edge more comfortable to hold. 

10. Get things down the stairs quickly with a makeshift ramp.

To prevent things from breaking, always have a second person at the bottom to catch the box as it slides down. 

Reddit |  unkunked

11. Cling wrap is your best friend.

If you don't need to empty a drawer, don't. It'll make things even easier to unpack. Instead, wrap things like dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, cutlery trays, etc. in cling wrap to keep the contents secure.

12. Use an oven mitt to move sharp items safely.

If your kitchen knives don't have a block — if they do, see the cling wrap tip — wrap the blades in newspaper and slide them all into an oven mitt. 

Ashley Poskin |  Apartment Therapy