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Wife Breaks Down While Getting New Engagement Ring from Husband After 67 Years

Clark Sparky 4 Jan 2019

This may be the most heartwarming Christmas story you'll hear this season.

The New Ring


Patricia May Johnson, 85, was overcome with emotion when she opened a Christmas present from her husband, Don, on Christmas day. Inside a tiny box was an engagement ring from her husband of 67 years.

Last year, Patricia lost her wedding ring in her nursing home. She had to remove it because her hand was injured and too swollen to keep the ring on. She put it on her dresser and it went missing.

(You can watch the moment she got the ring.)

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No Small Task

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Replacing the ring wasn't as simple as just driving to the local jewelry store. Don asked his daughter Diane to take him to buy a replacement ring. The two had to lie to the nursing home to get Don out. They said he had a speech appointment -- he suffers from Parkinson's Disease, which makes talking difficult.

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Where it All Started

Don proposed to Patricia in 1951 when he was in the National Guard. They hastily threw together a wedding in their home in Illinois before moving to California. They later moved back to Illinois, where they began farming and had seven children.

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Not Perfect

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Like all marriages, especially ones that last 67 years, Don and Patricia's union hasn't been perfect:

“The marriage was not without fights. It was your pretty normal marriage but I think it’s their love that just pulled them back together, always. Even if they are mad at each other, it’s not over a long period of time,” Diane Hawkins said.

Their daughter says the kids' teen years were the hardest for their parents. That's probably true for all parents.

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Words of Wisdom

Don and Patricia have obviously done something right to be married so long. Diane says they've passed along some of their wisdom. Patricia says the key is to never go to bed mad. Don says it's to always do the right thing, no matter the cost.

It seems impossible to go wrong in any relationship if you follow those two rules.

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