'The Office' Will Celebrate 15th Anniversary With Brand New Documentary

Andrew Roberts 29 Jan 2019

There are still people out there holding out hope for a reunion of The Office at some point in the near future, but it all seems unlikely. While Steve Carell reunited with some of the cast on SNL at the end of 2018, there hasn't been a real push to get back together -- not to mention he is incredibly busy.

But there might be the next best thing on the horizon according to one former castmember.

Bob Vance

According to Robert Ray Schafer on Facebook, there is a possible Office documentary in the works for the show's 15th anniversary:

We are producing a documentary on The Office entitled That’s What She Said (And They Said Too!) We would like to include your client Robert Shafer in this project for his contribution he made to the show as the much beloved character Bob Vance. We will be delving into the history of the highest streamed show currently on Netflix, with anecdotes from cast, crew, creators, fandom culture, and how the show successfully addressed the larger social issues of the times.

Filming begins in April, with a release date for the 15th anniversary.

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This is good news and people will love it -- the show is still raking in viewers on Netflix and syndication each day -- but it isn't a true reunion just yet.

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We did get that mini-reunion back in December featuring the bulk of the cast minus a few of the busier folks. Even if it was just like a one-off Christmas special, though, people would tune in.

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Keeping Hope Alive

Either way, the post on Facebook is keeping hope alive for fans and giving them something new to look forward to. The show has provided plenty of joy over the past few years -- with some even arguing that it should be a legitimate tool for mental health.

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Some Best Moments


And it always a good excuse to look back on some of the best moments from the show. There are plenty, with each character getting some of the spotlight during the run of the show.

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Kevin's Chili

Kevin and his special chili might be his highest and lowest moment. He seems so happy to have made it when he begins, but it all comes crumbling down when he drops the entire pot all over the floor.

Out of Kevin's great moments, this one stands above them all.

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Dwight's Disguises

Or how about Dwight's many disguises and wigs for everybody in the office. He showcases them when he fools Jim during their snowball war -- one of the few times he actually put Jim in his place.

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Dwight And Jim: Party Planners

When Dwight and Jim took over for Angela and Phyllis, it leads to disaster and then joy for Kelly on her birthday. Whenever both had to work together on something, it usually meant a great episode. This could easily also be the episode where they go on slaes calls together too.

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Fire Drill

Probably the best moment in the entire series is the fire drill cold open. Everybody gets a moment, everybody panics, and in the end, it leads to a great episode. It didn't have to, but it makes for the total package.

You could honestly pick out moments from this scene for its own list. And then do an oral history of this scene.

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