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14-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Challenging Beauty Norms Signs With 5 Agencies

Lynne Versluys 30 Jan 2019

This teen model is challenging the world's standards of who is considered beautiful. Even though she has a condition known as Down Syndrome, this young woman is taking the world by storm and proving that true beauty is confidence.

An Unexpected Start

Most parents post pictures of their kids onto social media and get a handful of likes and some adoring comments, but things worked out a little differently for Rubia Traebert from Curitiba, Brazil, and her 14-year-old daughter Georgia, who has Down Syndrome. Rubia told The Sun:

“It all started as a joke. I posted a picture of her on Facebook and it was a hit straight away. The idea was to see how much it can inspire other Down’s Syndrome children.”

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An Inspiration To Others

Instagram | @georgiafurlan.oficial

Georgia's pictures went viral, and it soon became clear that this was not just a flash in the pan. She had an opportunity to challenge beauty standards in a very real way, proving that everyone deserves a chance to shine.

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Finding Work

Georgia now has 137,000 followers on Instagram and has signed with five different modeling agencies in Brazil. Rubia explained that social media is, "where she became known worldwide," but that the jobs were really starting to come in.

“She has just made a commercial for a famous brand here in Brazil and also modeled for one of the biggest jewelry designers in Brazil.”

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What's Next?

The sky is the limit for Georgia, and Rubia explained that they had no intention of slowing down.

“Her biggest dream is to be an actress or a singer, then a model. So, we are investing in drama and singing classes. Who knows? Maybe she will act next.”

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Mean Comments

Despite all of her success, there are still plenty of people who want to tear Georgia down, particularly on social media.

"The hardest part was when I read some people post comments that she is only successful because of her blonde hair and blue eyes – Georgia is a very kind child and very talented, otherwise she would not have come so far."

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Not Slowing Down

Despite the haters, Georgia is still dedicated to being an advocate for girls like her everywhere.

“Today, as she stands out in the media, she is now surrounded by girls who ask her about her career and her work, so being in the media and having a career helped a lot with her confidence in that sense.”

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Heartfelt Advice

To everyone who is feeling less than confident in themselves, Rubia offers this advice:

“My advice is to never ever give up. Keep fighting and persist in your dreams, for nothing is impossible. Just want, believe and fight to make them real.”

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People's Reactions


While she has her haters, most of the social media response to Georgia has been positive. People like seeing someone overcome obstacles and embrace themselves as they are.

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You Go, Girl!

As she continues to conquer the world beyond her native Brazil, we'll definitely be hearing the name Georgia Traebert more and more. There needs to be more representation in the media for people with Down Syndrome, so here's hoping Georgia finds the success that she deserves.

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