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10+ Inspiring Pics That Show Goodness Is Alive And Well

Ryan Ford 26 Mar 2019

One of the classic debate team topics out there is whether or not people are inherently good or evil. It's one of those arguments that always has ample evidence for both sides, so students can make a case regardless of the viewpoint they end up defending.

But just in case you worry that "evil" might be winning, here's some proof that "good" hasn't gone anywhere.

1. This guy went on Reddit to try to thank a random stranger for this gift.

Reddit | YokeDaddySupreme

"I just had my leg amputated and I had an anonymous person send me this bear," he wrote. "I didn't even noticed that fact that whoever sent the bear, made it just like me. This picture was taken after I had washed my face because I was sobbing."

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2. These two best friends want you to know that what you've heard about India & Pakistan doesn't apply to them.

Reddit | Mrleibniz

And many, many others. Geopolitics can't stand in the way of a good friendship!

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3. These two guys offered to help out a stranger who got a flat tire in an unfamiliar area.

Reddit | pigspinkbehind

"They ended up doing all the work and wouldn't accept money when I offered!" wrote Reddit user pigspinkbehind.

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4. This guy is holding up 17 years worth of hair growth that he just had chopped off to donate to the Little Princess Trust.

Reddit | MyLifeJeff

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to kids with hair loss in the U.K.

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5. When cleaning up the world became a social media sensation, this guy went into the forest near his home in Scotland to clean up non-biodegradable plastic treeguards.

Reddit | Mujjj91

"They have been scattered across the forest at my home for decades," he wrote.

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6. Speaking of which, these kids are keeping the #trashtag momentum going.

Reddit | Spinningalltheplates

They brought some bags along for an evening walk with the dog and filled four bags with trash the encountered!

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7. This happy fellow is holding his first piece of hardware won in 14 years of playing rugby.

Reddit | ounerify

Fourteen years! Just goes to show that dedication and sticking with it will pay off one day.

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8. This is Hank, and he has earned himself some serious privileges.

Twitter | @USCocksman

"This is him today, 6 years after eating some shoes, 15 hours after saving our house and family," his owner wrote on Twitter. "He can have all the shoes and steak he wants, and I will never get mad at him for barking, ever again. 15/10, the very best boy."

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9. Helping out his friend on crutches, this kid walked to school double-backpack style.

Reddit | surfer417

Not a huge deal, but definitely something his friend would appreciate. The little things matter!

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10. This is the resignation letter of the former sheriff of Nowata County, Oklahoma.

Reddit | Pariahdog119

She and 11 other staff members quit over the conditions of the jail, including Ranger, the K-9 officer, who signed the resignation letter with a paw print.

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11. That's the look of a kid climbing a mountain for the first time.

Reddit | nowos45

Kudos to this kid for accomplishing something so daunting so early in his life. Pretty sure he'll conquer more than mountains in his future!

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12. "My Mother spent the last 20 years finding bits of fabric to make this wall hanging that she gave me for my 55th birthday," wrote Reddit user Uniquewoodproducts.

Reddit | Uniquewoodproducts

Twenty years! A mother's love — and skills with fabric — on full display here. Gorgeous work!

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