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A Groom's Mistress Showed Up To His Wedding Dressed As A Bride

Andrew Roberts 29 Jan 2019

You know you've messed up when you're at your wedding, saying "I do," and then out of the corner of your eye is your mistress or "side chick" walking up with her own wedding dress on. That is allegedly what happened at this wedding South Africa, where one woman was not about to let the man cheating with her walk away without some consequences.

Surprise Guest

You know you're not supposed to upstage the bride at her own wedding, but this might be an exception. This woman clearly isn't here to help this wedding move along smoothly.

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She's Wearing A Dress Too?

Unsplash | Sweet Ice Cream Photography

You don't just show up wearing your own wedding dress to another woman's wedding. It's certainly a way to grab attention and run with it, especially if you feel scorned.

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Who Is More Upset?


You'd think the woman actually in the wedding would be more upset, but it would seem that the mistress is the one who is truly angered.

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Why Cheat?

Giphy | Jacqueline Jing Lin

If this proves anything, it proves that it doesn't pay to cheat on your spouse or future spouse. Take it easy, think about what you got, and just stick your crotch in a pot of hot water or something.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for People Who Are Not Currently Cheating

Giphy | Mauro Gatti

These gifts aren't for this bride and groom, but you sure will like them!

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Use It As An Example

Reactions to the video itself were not mixed. They said that more cheaters should have to face this type of treatment, even if it is ruining a wedding day.

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Cheater's Justice?

And in the end, is this justice for cheating? Should it be this bad? Once again, why would you ever want to cheat or risk it?

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Happened Elsewhere

This type of situation has happened elsewhere, with far different results.

In a video from 2016, you see this mistress is there to stop the wedding and bust things up, but only by shouting. This isn't going to work and the folks at the wedding do their part to cool the situation.

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Led To Fists

However, this one from China turns into a major fight as the pregnant mistress wants a piece of the bride. And hands were served.

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If anything, the best part of the South African wedding happening is that it gave folks a chance to bring out the classic Spider-Man meme. Always a welcome sight, even if the video lacked a distinctive amount of pointing.

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Worse Ways To Have Your Wedding Spoiled

Giphy | CBBC

There are worse ways to have your wedding day ruined. A mistress showing up is actually not anything to worry about compared to some of these other things.

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Wrong Dress

Giphy | Maudit

You could end up with the wrong dress on the day of your wedding. Nobody wants to have everything planned up to the day of the wedding and then realize that the wrong dress has been delivered.

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Groom Late


And hey, you can't have a wedding without a groom. If the groom is late or just doesn't show up to the wedding, something won't smell right.

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Someone Dies


Someone could die at your wedding. That happened to a few people apparently, making the wedding a race against time or just a race to find a replacement date.

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Sister Stages Engagement During Vows

Unsplash | rawpixel

The absolute worst, even above a mistress showing up, is having your sister plan her engagement right in the middle of your vows.

That would be a fight.

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