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Fit Mom Fires Back At Trolls Accusing Her Of Editing Out 'Saggy, Wrinkly Belly Skin' In Pics

Andrew Roberts 7 Jan 2019

Australian Instagram fitness personality Emily Skye has a troop of followers on social media and shows off her fit and trim figure after giving birth in 2017.

But it is her photos that have garnered a little controversy, forcing her to fire back.

Inspiring Fitness Influencer

Emily Skye is an Australian-based fitness expert and influencer. She has developed her FIT Program to help others achieve their fitness goals, but she wants her followers to focus on their health and not their appearance.

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In 2017, Skye announced that she was expecting her first child with her partner, Declan Redmond. The couple shared the news on Instagram with this hilarious photo.

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Growing Baby Bump

Skye bravely and honestly shared how her pregnancy changed her body. While she planned to continue exercising throughout her pregnancy, an issue with her back forced her to stop.

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Weight Gain

Skye said she ended up gaining about 50 pounds during her pregnancy, but focused on her and her baby's health instead of how much she weighed.

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Body After Baby

Following the birth of her baby girl, Skye took to Instagram once again to share her postpartum body.

While she admitted that her body didn't "snap back" as quickly as she expected, she wanted to share her real body with her followers online.

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After sharing one photo, many folks were claiming that Skye was editing out the wrinkly, flabby belly skin from her pics to make her seem more tone.

This forced the fitness personality to show that she is always posting photos of her wrinkles by tossing up a side-by-side and providing people with some defensive words:

A lot of ladies have been asking where it’s gone in some of my pics & videos & some have accused my of photoshopping it out. - I just wanted to show that how I stand, whether I’m flexing & what light I’m in either highlights my excess belly skin or hides it! - And I don’t mind either way which is why I post both.

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Certain Lighting And Positions

As she goes on to say, she's actually kind of proud of the skin and it shows her where she's come from and what it represents for her:

Is it weird that I’m actually proud of it? I’m proud of what it represents I guess. I grew a human in this belly & the whole process into motherhood has made me SO much stronger and also so much more confident in myself and my body. I couldn’t care less whether the stretched skin stays or goes! It’s such an insignificant thing in my eyes.

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All About Angles

Skye explained to her 2.4 million followers that excess skin is just a reality for moms but isn't always visible from every angle:

"Saggy, wrinkly belly skin - sometimes you can see it and other times you can't!"

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"Imperfections" Are Normal

Skye also said that she wanted to normalize these so-called​ "imperfections​" because they are simply a reality of having a body.

"Nobody is perfect and having some extra skin, stretch marks, cellulite or whatever else doesn't make you any less beautiful or amazing!"

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Reaching Her Audience

Her candid approach to her body has earned her a number of fans who have responded well to her words. They have left a number of comments​ on her Instagram praising her work.

"You are so open and brave and truly inspiring!"

"I'm sorry about what happened to you but it's amazing how your experience can help others and you use your profile to do this!"

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Not All Positive

Unfortunately, not all of the response has been positive. Skye explains that she has had to deal with more than her fair share of trolls online.

"I have been getting a fair few comments from women saying that I got back into shape too fast after giving birth to Mia.

It's not the case, it's been seven-and-a-half months and while I'm happy with myself, I am nowhere near as fit, strong or lean as I used to be and I didn't 'bounce back.'"

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Doing Her Best For Herself And Her Family

However, Skye won't let their words get her down or slow down her message of health.

"My fit fam motivate me and make me want to work hard so I can be my best."

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Back In The Routine

In the months that followed the birth of her daughter, Skye shared how she was getting back into her fitness routine. This included slowly working up to her pre-pregnancy strength and even bringing her daughter along to the gym.

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Honest Transformation

Skye's Instagram photos show how much a woman's body can change during and after pregnancy. Even though it looks like she "bounced back," she'll be the first to tell you that her body has been permanently altered.

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Embracing Her New Body

Skye often highlights the ways her body has been changed by loose skin and stretch marks. She wants her followers to know these features don't always come across in Instagram photos, but they're there.

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Don't Believe Everything You See On Instagram

At first glance, you'd think Skye has the perfect body in this photo, but as she has explained, lighting and posture can make a dramatic difference. That's why she's always telling her followers to be realistic and stop comparing themselves to others.

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Skye recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. She's already told her followers that she "can't wait to share this journey" with them, so we'll likely see some more honest photos and insights from her.

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