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Baby Born To Vegetative Woman Allegedly Raped In Nursing Home Nearly Died

Andrew Roberts 11 Jan 2019

The 911 call from Hacienda Healthcare to local authorities in Arizona has been released, giving us a look inside the moment that sparked the current investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a Native American woman in a vegetative state.

Distressing Call

The call, released by ABC 15, captures the nursing staff dealing with the birth and panicking over the baby's condition, yelling on tape, "baby turning blue," as operators ask for more information. From NTD:

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said that officers responded to a call that the infant had “coded” and was “in distress” with trouble breathing.

“The baby was born having issues, that was the nature of the call, that’s what started this,” Thompson told reporters.

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Confirmation Of The Worst

While the baby was later found to be healthy, police determined the worst case scenario in terms of how she gave birth:

Asked if the baby had a full-term pregnancy, the official said that she was “quite a ways along.”

He also said that the woman was “unable to move [and] unable to communicate, in other words, she was helpless and incapacitated.”

“She was not in a position to give consent,” Thompson added of the mother, calling her a “helpless victim who was sexually assaulted.”

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Both In Hospital

The baby and mother are both currently under care in a local hospital. A family representative noted earlier in the week that the baby was now healthy and the mother's family would be taking care of the child.

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Nature Takes Care Of Itself

Many have questioned how the woman was able to give birth without assistance, but doctors have noted that many women give birth without any prenatal care and sometimes nature can take care of itself.

The birth also answers questions about how her body is functioning despite her living state:

The case “speaks to the fact that the patient actually had largely normally functioning organs,” Feldman told CNN. “I can say that, biologically, her body actually was functioning very well in order to grow a full-term baby.”

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