20 Pictures That Prove The Delight Is In The Details

There are some things out there that look nice from far away, but end up looking even nicer if you get up close and personal. And it's all thanks to the details.

These pictures show some pretty cool sights, and it's all thanks to the detail that was placed in them (or the detail that ended up on there by accident).

A Jeep's brake lights that look like a smaller Jeep.

I have a feeling that, if you're close enough behind a Jeep while driving that you can see its Jeep-shaped tail lights, you might be too close (They seem to be stopped here, which is different). But it's still such a cute detail!

A pair of socks that tell you which one goes on which foot.

I don't know who needed this, but here it is; these socks tell you which goes on the right foot and which one goes on the left. Even though I totally thought any sock could go on any foot, this is still a fun little detail.

Ambulance? No! It's a pizza truck.

This food truck was at one point an ambulance. Now, it's giving out some emergency pizza services, which is not only clever, but downright hilarious. I'm all of a sudden craving pizza, but I don't think I want a slice that didn't come from an old ambulance.

"Just realized I got two rolls of all special edition quarters for our laundry change."

A typical Canadian quarter has the Queen on one side and a moose on the other. None of these coins have a moose, but instead, they show off other important events, natural wonders, and important causes. And that's a lot of special edition coins!

"These three 20 dollar bills I withdrew have sequential serial numbers."

There usually isn't anything special about a few 20 dollar bills (other than the fact that it's spending money!). But look closer, and you'll see how the serial numbers are all one digit apart. Looks like they must've all been printed at the same time!

"Even though it’s completely dark in my daughter’s room, the camera is picking up infrared light from the camera above her crib, making it look illuminated on the monitor."

Now that's one good quality camera! Nothing but the best to keep an eye on our little ones, right?

Luckily that light isn't really that bright, so the baby can get real sleep.

These two potted cacti that seem to be enacting a strange scene.

The cactus on the left kind of looks like it's a person holding a big club, while the one on the right looks like a rabbit. A little violent, but still pretty fascinating. It's so funny how we can pick out pictures from plants like this.

This tiny paper sailboat that's smaller than a 1 Euro cent coin.

Fun fact: a 1 Euro cent coin is smaller than a penny. And since this boat is smaller than that, it must be really tiny. It's actually impressive that someone was able to make such a tiny boat that still looks like a boat.

This glob of hair conditioner that ended up looking like a cat.

The best part of this surprisingly detailed conditioner cat is the fact that it was made completely by accident. Like, it has ears and a tail, and definition between the head and body. What are the odds of something like this happening!?

"I found a 6 petal plumeria (usually 5 petals)."

I'm pretty convinced at this point that nature simply has its own agenda. Plants grow out of other plants, trees have branches that contort in the strangest shapes, and some flowers grow extra petals for, like, no reason. When it comes to nature, it's perfectly imperfect.

"In the early 20th century, San Francisco moved all of the cemeteries to a nearby city."

"They used some of the old gravestones to line the path of Buena Vista park, and you can still see some of the engravings."

Now that's a super interesting (and morbid) detail. Be sure to look out for it if you're in the area.

"This wrapping paper that I bought for my sister... It's a variety of fake and real American movie posters designed as if they were released in Shah era Iran theaters."

This is a very random and specific concept for wrapping paper, but it's also kind of interesting. There are plenty of little things to look out for in each of the different pictures.

Hmm, I wonder what state this pickup truck came from.

I wonder why this Ford F-150 had to be branded as a Texas truck. Does that make it any different from the other Ford pickup trucks in the country? Or is Texas just special? Either way, such a random little detail.

"One of the safety helmets at the NASA astronaut training facility is not like the others."

In this sea of bright green and black safety hardhats, there are a couple that stand out. Like that yellow one. And the bright pink one, of course. Oh, and the Star Wars helmet.

It's just little things like that that make this view so much more interesting.

This Canadian fast food place that has two different fonts on its storefront.

The difference between the fonts in each of these Harvey's signs isn't super big, but once you notice it, you probably won't be able to look away. This one might be a bit more annoying than anything else, but it's still a pretty fun detail.

"The blossoms on my LEGO bonsai are small frogs."

These LEGO bonsai trees are actually so pretty. But what makes the cherry blossom version so much more fun is the fact that it's made with a bunch of tiny LEGO frogs. It's so cute, but it also makes a great centerpiece.

"The Porsche 944 Hot Wheel designer had cancer, the stethoscope was added by Ryu to pay tribute to his cancer doctor, who drove a 944!"

That's a pretty neat detail. And a really nice one, in order to honor a doctor who helped the designer through a difficult time. Though Ryu Asada, the designer, passed away earlier this year, his legacy in the world of Hot Wheels is cemented.

This strand of hair that got caught in a zipper.

Again, this isn't the kind of thing that happens on purpose. But it's really cool how this strand of hair, which got caught in a zipper, ended up taking the shape of the zipper's track. Pretty cool if you ask me.

"My pliers have a copper pimple welded to them after suffering a short circuit."

It's so strange how these kinds of tools, which we may oftentimes think of as indestructible (at least I do!) can get damaged in such surprising ways. You may not even notice the little copper spot on this pair of pliers at first.

This person's knees look like they have faces on them.

This person's knees almost look like the kinds of pictures you'd take of your ultrasound while pregnant. Which is kind of funny when you think about it. I'm sure a lot of knees kind of resemble faces, though, since they get all weird and wrinkly when you stand upright.