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15+ Thrift Store Finds That People Turned Into Works Of Art

Brittany Rae 6 Nov 2018

Let's be honest: there's nothing better in the world than finding a really, really good deal. But, go with me on this one — what if you turned that good deal into actual art? I know, right? Genius.

Whether these people are upcycling clothes they already had, or turning thrift finds into straight-up couture, here are some slays to get you inspired to create your own masterpiece.

The art of tailoring.

Twitter | @KatyEBerg

Nico, you genius. She cleverly nipped and tucked this velvet fantasy, and took it from dated to timeless instantly. The key here was not only fit, but changing the front panel's shape. A+.

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Peplum? Peplum.

Instagram | @sarahtyau

WHAT? This amazing thrift transformation by @sarahtyau started out as a totally shapeless dress and became something that you could wear to the office. I can't believe a whole peplum two-piece came out of this!

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Two for one.

Twitter | @FAIRYSOPH

Two for one deal? Iconic thrifting. This whole look was totally changed by turning it into a two-piece set by @FairySoph, but the addition of ruffled edges on the skirt is also totally cute.

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Two for one: the sequel.

Twitter | @floralnurshy

This one honestly blows my mind. How this crop set came out of a single pair of pants is beyond me, but the whole look is so modern and effortlessly casual. Good job, @floralnurshy!

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'80s to '00s.

YouTube | TheSorryGirls

From prom in the '80s to sophisticated in no time flat. Often, the key to a good flip lies in removing, not adding. For this one that The Sorry Girls found, cutting off bows, rhinestoned buckles (yup, you read that right), and a polka dot skirt revealed a timelessly gorgeous dress underneath.

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Reformed nostalgia.

YouTube | jujudaze

'90s on '90s on '90s. The original pieces YouTuber jujudaze found were already throwbacks, but what they combined to become has the same feeling of nostalgia. The cropped look helps elevate the look to be modern and effortless.

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It's a jirt!

YouTube | Emily Elizabeth

When you have some leftover jeans, but you're missing the top part of your Canadian tuxedo, you make do. To make this a bit more homemade chic, the whole jirt (jean shirt) is held together with some well-placed safety pins.

Thanks for the tip, Emily Elizabeth!

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It's a nice day for a white wedding.

Instagram | @coolirpa

Hi. Yeah. I want to wear this. The tailoring is leaps and bounds different from the original, turning this weird wedding dress into a high-fashion one that you could totally wear down the aisle.

Master DIYer April transformed this look.

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Florals and metals.

Instagram | @scratchandstitch

Backpacks are a great low-stakes way to makeover a thrift find! Patches and studs are basic tools that can be used to turn a plain backpack into something full of personality, like this floral-meets-punk bag by @scratchandstitch.

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Eliminating beading is almost always a plus.

Twitter | @MsLeahDarling

@MsLeahDarling is queen of turning dated into luxurious. This mint gown was upcycled from a $1 purchase to something that looks expensive as hell. Eliminating the beading and making the gown one cohesive fabric definitely took this over the top.

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When two become one.

Instagram | @refashioned_by_m

Sometimes, two pieces just don't stand up on their own. So, why not combine them into one gorgeous, visually interesting dress like @refashioned_by_m? Now the pattern can be a centerpiece, as opposed to being overwhelming.

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Ready for fall.

Instagram | @refashion.designed

So, this cute jacket used to be pyjama pants? I can't believe that. The fact that this amazing piece by @refashion.designed was once two is pretty impressive, but tbh, my favorite part is that she added a whole hood!

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Keep it simple.

Instagram | @therefashstash

Sometimes, a good shirt only needs a few alterations to make it great. In the case of this top @therefashstash found, some tailoring at the waist and a keyhole neckline totally updated it!

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Leisure to bombshell.

Instagram | @bellesandwhistlesthrift

Listen, there's room in this world for both of those dresses, especially if you need a lazy outfit to straight up leisure in. But there's no denying that this thrift makeover by @bellesandwhistlesthrift is nothing short of stunning, and gives off some serious '50s bombshell vibes.

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Tropical stripes.

Instagram | @heyannieoates

Oh, this outfit by @heyannieoates is so ready to get out in the world and go adventuring. Or hiking. Or for patio drinks and apps. Versatility is the key to happiness, and so is this amazing dad-shirt turned cute tie-up.

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Parisian petticoats.

Instagram | @englishgirlathome

Whaaat? This oversized men's coat became a gorgeous Dior-inspired jacket. BONUS THRIFT POINTS: Making a wide-brimmed hat from a second-hand bowl. Because why not? Good job, @englishgirlathome!

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Move those ruffles along.

Instagram | @portialawrie

Ruffles definitely have their place in this world, but the eye can get tired of them really quickly. This re-do of a ruffled dress by @portialawrie adds more structured, chic ruffles to the shoulders, allowing the dress to come up to a more couture level.

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Buttoned up, meet buttoned down.

Instagram | @refashionistasheri

Who needs pleats, anyway? This high-collared dress got one hell of a makeover, becoming a chic and cute blouse that looks adorable paired with combat boots and a hat. This look is by @refashionistasheri everything.

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Sharing is caring

Instagram | @sandrarefashionista

I kinda love the idea of just re-using something you already bought...for your kid. Kids grow like weeds anyway, so if you can upcycle their discarded clothes for yourself, why not? @sandrarefashionista, you're a genius!

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YouTube | Mia Maples

Honestly, I want to know what that first...dress was supposed to even be? Anyway, turning that giant sheet into a cute two-piece brings some much-needed tailoring and style to that "Hawaiian" monstrosity. Now, it's actually cute thanks to Mia Maples!

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All laced up.

YouTube | bestdressed

This basic yellow dress got the makeover of its life on YouTube channel bestdressed. Not only did the neckline and sleeves change, but the back was completely redone to add in princess-like lacing with silky ribbon.

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Upgraded mom jeans.

YouTube | Stefani Colvin

What would you do if you had some thrifted mom jeans, access to mesh, sewing skills, and a ton of rhinestones? I know I would do exactly this, not gonna lie. Thanks for the tip, Stefani Colvin!

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When it doubt, add Drake.

YouTube | kseax

So, you can't sew. You're not even that great at hot glue guns. But you do have an oversized sweater, an iron, and a picture of Drake sipping tea. Well, that sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Get more inspiration from YouTuber kseax.

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A quick trench moment.

Instagram | @trishstitched

Choosing an oversized piece for your project is always a plus because it means you can create adorable little sleeves like @trishstitched. It gives me a princess vibe, while still remaining pretty tough and adventurous. 10/10, would also look great on Lara Croft.

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