16 Adorable Ways To Decorate Your Balcony

Diply 19 Mar 2018

TBH, I hate the winter. Every morning I regret leaving my warm cozy bed to trudge around in the snow and freeze on my way to work or class. But spring is coming! Now that the cold air isn't harassing you every time you step out your doorway, you can spend more time outside enjoying the best season there is! Of course, you need to create an area where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the beautiful weather that will be gone again before you know it. If you have a balcony or any kind of outdoor space, what better way to utilize it than to create the perfect atmosphere for late night hangs or your morning coffee? Check out these tips and tricks for decorating the perfect balcony space this spring.

1. Hang twinkly lights for the perfect evening glow.

Kelley Nan | Kelley Nan

I have string lights in practically every room of my home so I can attest to the fact that they can make any space absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, these lights can make even the dullest patio glow, so grab a few strands and light it up!

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2. Use an old ladder to hold your favorite plants.

Garden Living | Garden Living

Living in a small area like an apartment means there might not be a lot of outdoor space. If you have a green thumb and can't live without a garden, this is a DIY project for you! You can either utilize an old ladder for this one, or you could make your own ladder.

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3. Get creative with your floor.

Instagram | @sandraguerreroalvhem

The floor is a vital aesthetic component of any space, so accentuating it with a rug or tiles is a great way to add color in a simple way that will catch everyone's attention!

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, definitely go for the tile option over carpet.

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4. DIY a sofa with wooden pallets.

Pionik | Laura Hombergen

This is SO cute and super easy. So why spend a ton of money on outdoor seating when you can achieve this adorable sofa with some wood pallets and some cushions? You can take it up a notch even further by painting the pallets.

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5. Make an apartment-safe fire pit with twinkle lights.

Pinterest | Tanja Demuth

Small spaces, like apartments, generally don't allow for fireplaces or fire pits. So make one of your own for your patio or balcony. Wrap some firewood in battery-powered twinkle lights and you've got yourself an apartment-safe, DIY firepit.

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6. Make shelving by stacking wooden crates against the wall


There's never *enough* space. Ever. So why not utilize your tiny balcony by stacking wooden crates up alongside the wall for shelving units? Bam, more room for plants and those little trinkets you saw at Home Goods and couldn't put back.

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7. Turn your flat tire into balcony seating.

Camping Livez | Camping Livez

Some old tires, some rope, some adhesive, and a piece of wood to cover the hole in the tire are all you need for this chic little outdoor seating! You can even add a cushion on the top to make it more comfortable.

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8. Hang drapes for a little extra privacy and a cute atmosphere.

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Everyone loves their privacy, so why not do it the stylish way? Hanging white drapes will help you keep your privacy while still allowing the light from the summer sun to billow onto your balcony.

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9. Build your own balcony bar.

Balcony Garden Web | Balcony Garden Web

This may look like a lot of work, but all you need is the wood and the proper tools (like a drill and some sturdy screws). If this kind of building isn't in your repertoire, then you can stack wooden crates to make a smaller, but equally as cute balcony bar.

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10. Add a hanging chair to the corner of your balcony.

Blog Lovin' | Daily Dream Decor

Who doesn't love a good swinging chair? These are simple additions to a small space, but they make all the difference. If you're looking for unique seating for your balcony, try hanging one of these bad boys and get ready to sit back and relax.

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11. Make an outdoor side table from an old wooden crate.

Home BNC | Home BNC

Wooden crates can be used for all different types of DIY projects. This one may be the easiest. Just paint the wooden crate the color that would best suit your theme, and stand it up-right next to your seating. Minimal effort, maximum adorableness.

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12. Hang a hammock for the ultimate summer vibes.

Tumblr | IG MAkeup

It may only be the beginning of the spring season, but it's never too early to get ready for those long summer nights. Why not hang a trendy hammock from either side of your balcony and create a little space of your own with lights and candles galore.

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13. Use cinder blocks to pot your plants.

Pinterest | Donna Peters

You can stack them any which way, paint them any color, and make it as casual or as fancy as you'd like! This is the perfect little garden space for those times when you just don't have any garden space.

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14. Add a screen to your balcony bars for extra privacy.

Nortrene | Nortrene

I don't know about you, but I love — no, need — my privacy. Adding a screen is a great way to get that privacy without blocking out any light or completely obstructing your view!

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15. Use throw pillows and blankets for a comfy look.

Arch Zine | Arch Zine

When you have guests over, throw a few pillows and blankets out on your balcony for quite an inviting look! Comfort and style? Yaaaas girl!

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16. Use large, comfy cushions as seating.

Fresh Ideen | Fresh Ideen

Create a chill, bohemian-inspired space by adding floor pillows for seating. It's casual, it's cute, it's comfy; what more do you need?

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