If you have ever planned a wedding, helped someone plan a wedding, or even watched from afar as someone has planned a wedding, you'll know it's no treat.

Those blissfully unaware might only glance at the carefully chosen signs with cute quotes, quickly gobble a favor after stripping off the decorative curls, and only stare at the intricate table centerpieces when they have run out of things to say at their table. They don't know the hours that went into it all, the sore fingers from crafting, and the stress of trying to get it all done in the midst of planning for, you know, a marriage. 

With all that said, these stunning cakes are so beautiful and sugary that they might be able to make up for all the wedding planning. Maybe.


1. This watercolor cake is a delicate touch for a whimsical garden wedding.

The little spots of gold leaf looked amazing with those tiny blue flowers hung in an attractive spray.

Instagram |  @aislesociety

2. I keep staring at this cake, but I still don't quite get it.

The person who created this gem is a floral artist, but still, the intricacy and beauty is overwhelming.

Instagram |  @juliarohdedesigns

3. This tall, moody cake is absolutely stunning in its Gothic locale.

The texture of the frosting paired with the change from white to gray creates a dessert that's both gorgeous and a little dark.

Instagram |  @bijoussweettreats

4. The layers in this garden cake are so intricately decorated.

I absolutely love the smaller layer in the base. It makes this cake unique and fresh despite how traditional flowers are.

Instagram |  @smittenweddingmarket

5. Um, yes, I want a wedding cake that has a trail of macarons coming down it.

The plain white cake really lets the different macarons shine, and the pastel colors keep them unified.

Instagram |  @macaronslady

6. What I love about this cake is how each layer is doing its own thing.

Together, though, they create a wonderful whole that the delicate initial fits so perfectly onto.

Instagram |  @bijoussweettreats

7. I never thought a black wedding cake could look so delicate and feminine.

The pairing of the peachy flowers with the charcoal-colored cake creates a stunning visual contrast. Also, that greenery is superb.

Instagram |  @behindtheido

8. The unusual block-ish shape of this cake has me totally rooting for it.

I love how the base and the different colors make it look like an unusual ice cream cone, while the asymmetrical flowers add pure beauty.

Instagram |  @loveinbloomcakes

9. Technically this cake is cupcakes on a stand, but it had me fooled at first glance.

The rustic look of the log discs is the perfect accent to the brown and bright colors of the cupcake frosting.

Instagram |  @wilmasweddingcakes

10. I'm pretty sure this is the cake that Ariel should've had at her wedding.

The cone at the top looks like an incredible pile of shells, and I'm definitely into the donuts.

Instagram |  @ ashleypphoto

11. This is one of those cakes that seem so simple and yet so intricate.

The painterly texture is absolutely stunning, and I adore the color combination. This cake looks so modern while maintaining an incredibly romantic vibe.

Instagram |  @greenweddingshoes

12. Okay, yes, this cake has lovely coloring and a drool-worthy gold drip, but that's not the best part.

Neapolitan ice cream. That's the best part. This cake is masquerading as your average layer cake, but really it's a stunningly pretty ice cream cake.

Instagram |  @kimberlymeza_

13. I am totally into the birch bark look for cakes, especially for spring and summer weddings. 

The rustic texture and pastel pinks in the flowers make this cake perfect for a soft vintage vibe.

Instagram |  @wilmasweddingcakes

14. What I can't believe about this cake is that the flowers manage to look even more delicious than the cake.

Sometimes the actual cake needs to step back while the florals take center stage. 

Instagram |  @freshandwood

15. The look of this cake is so bright, clean, and unique.

That gorgeous wine color paired with a golden yellow isn't what you normally see for a wedding cake, but it proves that bold can be incredibly beautiful.

Instagram |  @nutmegcakedesign

16. Normal cake generally tastes amazing, but just imagine biting a piece of this crepe cake.

The powdered sugar and roses give the crepes a whimsical look while proving that this is definitely worthy of being called a wedding cake.

Instagram |  @butterandwhiskco