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24 Times Russia Took A Step Too Far

Diply 16 Mar 2018

Stereotypes are generally not so great, but when taken with a grain of salt and the knowledge that not everyone in a given group fits that mold, they can be a lot of fun to point out.

Take Russia, for example. The world tends to see them as snow-bound, vodka-swilling people with bears as pets. Of course, that isn't the case...but it's still hilarious when you find pics that seem to prove the opposite.

1. Stumble upon a bear in the woods? Don't run or play dead — take a selfie!

Reddit | nocturnalfrolic

In the first one, the bear almost seems into it. In the second, it seems to be getting bored. By the third, I'd be putting down the phone and getting out of there.

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2. This girl must have really, really, really loved her phone.

Reddit | adamlm

It's not even so much that her grave marker is an iPhone. It's more that her grave marker is an iPhone so many times larger than any other marker in the graveyard.

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3. This is actually a pretty good idea, but doesn't help the drunken stereotype. 

Reddit | breakno

When a bar decides this is a requirement for their napkins, it says something.

Also: A thong is an oddly specific place to keep cash. Maybe they just mean underwear in general?

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4. This crashed plane can be seen when landing at Domodedovo International Airport.

Reddit | Treo123

It's the remains of Dagestan Airlines Flight 372, a commercial flight that crashed during an emergency landing. A flight engineer accidentally shut off a fuel pump before taking off, causing the eventual failure of all three engines.

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5. Nothing like frosty toilet paper on a cold winter morning. Brr!

Reddit | pingyaru

I live in a place that gets cold and snowy, but I draw the line at wiping my butt with frozen toilet paper.

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6. This hunter's catch was nicknamed King Kong Hog.

Reddit | MinimalResults

For obvious reasons.

Australia is usually cited are the place to find animals WAY larger than they should be, but this is ridiculous.

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7. Sure, just casually feed the bears meat through your home's window.


What could go wrong? Something about the casual way this is done tells me that it's a nightly occurrence. That's probably not a great habit for a bear to develop.

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8. A surprise snowfall doesn't stop this landscaper from cutting the grass.

Reddit | robertdellusa

Normally, one would think it would be fine to put it off until the snow melted again, but nope.

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9. I have questions...

Reddit | hamptonflower

I don't know if this is a strictly Russian thing, but I saw the picture and couldn't help but include it. Why is this otherwise normal person pushing a giant, floral buggy along the streets of St. Petersburg?

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10. Very impressive photo and the backdrop is gorgeous. 

Reddit | Woop_dee_do

It would be a lot more impressive if the bear was also doing the splits, but sticking out its tongue is pretty darn cute.

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11. "Why were you late getting back from your break?"

Reddit | 2manyToys

"I was stuck sitting up high on the machinery, because of a polar bear."

"Sigh. Must be Tuesday." He looks so happy to be stuck up there.

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12. I 100% get how this guy is feeling right now.

Reddit | spinagon

We're having a very temperamental spring right now. It's freezing in the shade, warm in the sun, and it can't decide whether to rain or snow.

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13. If you didn't light the street, this would be dangerous.

Reddit | CharlieGB

Don't mind the lack of railing or giant hole in the deck now...

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14. I'm pretty sure that kettle is plugged in.

Reddit | xR0gueAssassinx

That sink is remarkably clean considering the weirdness of this set up.

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15. You know, hanging out listening to some tunes, when you realize. 

Imgur | Imgur

It's hard to tell how high up this is, but it's high.

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16. Please, can someone tell me what is happening here?

Reddit | Vkool

We have water skiing, a horse, people acting like this is a beach. This is nuts.

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17. Just a man with a wood paddle chasing a bear off his property. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Imgur | urbinsanity
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18. Someone has to shovel the snow, right? Why not a tiger?

Imgur | urbinsanity

I'm guessing this happened because it is a particularly warm tiger suit.

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19. Just a quick patch job in the middle of a dirt road, you know?

Reddit | Reddit

Is it possible this was intended to just be a speed bump?

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20. While I admire their dedication, where would they possibly go, anyway?

Reddit | sanglin13

Maybe Russian snowplow services are more timely and efficient than the ones around here? That kind of snow would shut our city down.

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21. I'd say "winter is coming," but that's kind of a given over there.

Reddit | 0xF013

As amazing as that throne is, I'd definitely want to make sure my tetanus shots were up to date before I went anywhere near it.

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22. This sign apparently says, "Congratulations! Our pit is five years old!"

Reddit | Zhelezyaka

You have to admire that kind of attitude. Rather than grumble about construction taking so long, why not throw a birthday party?

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23. I've never seen a warning sign say something so hopeless.

Reddit | Topham_Kek

It also kind of raises more questions than it answers. Like, what are we trying to escape from and how badly will this end for us?

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24. The Russian love for Adidas doesn't get more blatant than this.

Reddit | osowiec

Apparently, it started with the 1980 Moscow Olympics, where Adidas made the uniforms for the Soviet team. Since the ruling party didn't allow "capitalist" labels, the company's logo didn't appear on them and their signature design featuring three stripes were changed to look like an M.

Nonetheless, the sportswear still exploded in popularity after the games were over.

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25. This lady seems really excited to have this rocket launcher.

Reddit | Flubbertut

This only begs the question of what she plans to do with it. Presumably going to use it to stir a sweet borscht.

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26. I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on in this picture.

Reddit | Versutas

I think we've hit peak Russia here, people. Time to pack it in because we're not topping this today.

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27. Hey, cool tank-car, man!

Rest Nova | Rest Nova

Now you've got all the intimidation of a blue Super Soaker, matched up with all the horsepower of whatever the heck kind of car this is. Props for thinking about safety first and scraping that star out in the window paint.

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28. "Don't mind me, just taking a bath with 1,000 cucumbers. You know, the usual."

izismile | izismile

If putting some cucumber slices onto your eyes is good for your making you look less puffy, then imagine what this could do for you.

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29. Hey, would anyone want to go see the Great Pyramids of... Moscow? Hey (get it!?), that's not right.

Reddit | ProgrammerThinking

This seems like a fire hazard.

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30. These beach-goers are unfazed by the submarine.

Reddit | Reddit

Can you blame them? Since every stereotype says Russia is cold year-round, clearly they need to take advantage of the one beach day per year. Right?

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31. What is it with the bears?!


This just feels incredibly unsafe. For the bear, for the driver of the bike, and for everyone around them. That said, can we just admire that the sidecar is also made to look like a bear?

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32. This sub won't be submerging until the walrus finishes his nap.

Reddit | Scorpnicole

I'd hate to disturb him. That looks like a nice, sunny spot to nap. I hope he's having sweet dreams.

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