ICYMI: Pixar has taken mercy on us all and is finally making a sequel to The Incredibles.

Obviously, we're excited. I mean, it's been almost 15 years since we last saw our favorite super family in action, and that should be illegal. 


However, because we can't have nice things, a new fan theory has emerged that sheds some light on a beloved character — and it's lowkey heartbreaking. 

Of course, I'm talking about Edna Mode. 

Edna is the fiery and eccentric fashion designer who is known for creating the costumes for various superheroes.  

It's no secret that Edna Mode is pretty much the best part of The Incredibles. 

And that's saying something, because The Incredibles is jam-packed with some of the best characters Pixar has to offer. 

We certainly love the Parr family and Frozone, but Edna is just the biggest of moods. 

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We really don't know too much about Edna other than A) she's the best and B) she really hates capes.

Who among us didn't spend the majority of 2004 screaming "No capes!" at the top of our lungs like it was a reasonable thing to yell? 

Well, according to this new theory about Edna, there's a reason why she was so good at her job — and it's honestly pretty obvious when you think about it. 

You probably remember the scene in The Incredible when Bob approaches Edna about getting a new costume, and Edna (because she's Edna) ends up making suits for the entire Parr family. 


When Edna reveals the suits she's made to Elastigirl, she reveals that Jack-Jack's suit has a variety of capabilities.

At this point, Jack-Jack's powers haven't been revealed, but Edna nevertheless made his suit fire-resistant. 

It's a good thing she did too, because we now know that fire is one of his powers! 

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Sure, it could be a coincidence that Edna guessed one of Jack-Jack's powers correctly, but what if it's not?

According to this theory, the reason Edna is so great at dressing superheroes because she also has powers! 

She can see into the future!


This actually makes a ton of sense. 

When Edna is talking to Bob about mending his suit she literally says, "I never look back, dahling! It distracts from the now."

She seems to know exactly what the suits need to be capable of, and even designs suits for both Dash and Violet, as if she knows they'll need them. 

However, then the theory takes a very dark turn. 

One Tumblr user suggests that the reason Edna hates capes so much is that she once designed a suit with a cape but didn't see the devastating consequences coming.

Capes, as Edna explain, have gotten a lot of superheroes hurt — but fans think it was one specific hero's death that hit Edna the hardest... 


Remember a hero named Stratogale from Edna's "no capes" speech?

Well, based on her biography, she was just a kindly high school student who volunteered at the zoo before she was killed by her own cape.  

Umm, what?! The detail is suddenly a lot sadder than I remember it being in the movie. 

Tumblr |  gehayi

According to Tumblr, Edna was probably traumatized by Stratogale's death. 

Stratogale was just a kid, and it's Edna's job to anticipate things that could threaten the safety of superheroes. 

If Edna's power is predicting the future, she would probably view Stratogale's death as a massive failure. 

Tumblr |  gehayi

Edna spends 15 years in retirement before she returns to help the Parr family face Syndrome.

It's totally plausible that Syndrome demanded Edna make his suit too, because she's the best and he's obsessed with superheroes.  

According to this theory, Edna deliberately gave his suit a cape because she anticipated the danger the Parr family was in and didn't want harm to come to any more superheroes. 

Oh, and then Syndrome dies in exactly the same way Stratogale did. 

I bet you didn't think that this theory was going to be that dark, but here we are.

And now I'm going to sob like Elastigirl every time Edna shows up on screen. 

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