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16 Absolute Heathens

Diply 3 Jul 2018

There are some people who choose to live outside of conventional societal behavior, and that's okay. But at various points, some of them...cross the line.

Warning: I'm about to get super riled up at these guys, so I suggest you just embrace it and come along for the ride.

1. Oh, boy, be careful! You almost got some toilet paper in the toilet!

Reddit | justthatguyTy

Yes, I know that a public bathroom could look a lot worse, but this is still a terrible sight. Why are you just flinging paper around like this? You're not even using it! What a waste!

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2. I am so glad that Börge Madsen went to all the trouble of designing the resealable bag in 1950 just so you could tear up up EVERYTHING HE EVER WORKED FOR.

Reddit | Lan_Mandragoran

And the cheese isn't even smoked which somehow makes this all worse.

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3. I always thought the lines in parking lots were more decorative than for actual use, so this is good!

Reddit | tipsgotit

This way, it will only take about two more cars to fill the whole carpark, which is exciting if you love minimal stuff taking up the most space!

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4. Who wants a slice of pudding? I should warn you, there are only five enormous pieces to go around! Yeah, I don't know why I cut it like this either!

Reddit | Rayted

And I probably don't have plates or cutlery because I'm a monster.

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5. This is the most offended I've ever been.

Reddit | DrizzyVert

My brain is saying "drop it, he's just trolling." But my heart is saying "I'm not having children until this man is arrested and the world is a safe place again."

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6. You think you can just dance around License Agreements like it ain't no thang? Well it is a thang! A big thang!

Reddit | Zykium

Also 2009 called, it wants its compact disc back.

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7. Boo-rrito! 

Reddit | GermanPanda

The kid knows something's wrong. We know something's wrong. The person taking the photo knows something's wrong. No one in the whole world is happy that this is happening.

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8. This picture turned me into a cereal killer.

Reddit | IAH564

You want those top Cornflakes? You're going to have to earn them by eating your way through a layer of Froot Loops. It's like a challenge straight off Survivor.

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9. "Do you think that picture of an umbrella has anything to do with this garbage right underneath it?" "Nah man, that's wack."

Reddit | thegogof

It's not wack and it's not a garbage. It's a basket for umbrellas.

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10. I don't even know who you are and I am definitely not dating you, but this picture makes me want to break up with you.

Reddit | randorii

I bet you put books upside down on the bookshelf, don't you? You sicko.

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11. How to lose friends, step one: Buy a bread-shaped plate and then align your bread the wrong way on said plate. They'll hate it.

Reddit | Profnemesis

Turn your bread to hear percussion!

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12. So someone took down the clock, emptied a can of beans into it, then put it back up? Excuse the wordplay but what a waste of...time.

Reddit | Aeglen

It's always beans o' clock, baby!

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13. This is not how samples work.

Reddit | baziyun

Who bites butter through paper and then doesn't even buy it? Is this The Purge or something? Good luck selling that any time before or after August 28th.

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14. Take your socks off or put your shoes on, but never — and I mean never — do anything like this ever. Again.

Instagram | @douch.e

I am 100% sure this person does not do their own laundry.

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15. "How could you accuse this watch of being a real Rolex, sir?! All these watches are genuinely fake, and that's a promise!"

Twitter | @_youhadonejob1

Maybe it's a typo and they're actually Ginuwine watches? Always singing "Pony"?

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16. And finally, how desperate were you for bread that you tore right past the sealed opening, probably with your teeth or an axe???

Reddit | Gas_is_not_a_Liquid


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