18+ People Who Owe Us An Explanation

Paddy Clarke 21 Oct 2019

Context to a picture is very important! However, most pictures posted on the internet these days often come as newborns into our social media feeds, contextless and sometimes unexpected.

So, with that in mind, I have found some of the most mind-boggling pictures on the internet which just beg the question, "What the Hell is the context behind this nonsense?" What follows are 18+ people who really owe us an explanation.

1. Podcats

Reddit | White0101

What sort of podcast would a cat like? One which just hates on dogs and discusses what keyboards are the best for sitting on, perhaps?

Or, perhaps one which discusses the cultural significance of Tom and Jerry and its representation of cats everywhere.

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2. Tastes As Great As It Sounds!

Reddit | kacey_cyborg

Are you tired of your yogurt just not being fizzy enough? Then, dear lord, you need help, as well as a bottle of carbonated yogurt soda!

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3. "Just out birdie backpacking"

Reddit | hart1487

Now, this is a version of Bird Box that I can get on board with. He needs to make sure that little fella is getting some water in that sun, though!

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4. The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Throw!

Reddit | A-Walker

In fairness, that kid will probably learn a lot from this about the art form, but that looks like he's about to be cannoned through to the floor below!

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5. Boo!

Reddit | Fitbitnitwit

The way they're hung up to dry makes them look like a spooky ghost is about to start chasing you! You'd better run, you really don't want it to catch you!

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6. Call The Plumber

Reddit | KevinPaul06

I need to know exactly how many of these items were previously flushed before this sign became a necessity. Exactly how many mothers-in-law has the plumber had to plunge out?

This is information I need!

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7. Who The Hell Thought That We Needed These?

Reddit | Helen_Earth

Finally, your kid can now shove scissors up their nose and have a (somewhat) legitimate reason as to why! Also, why not try using them for cooking to add a little extra flavor!

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8. What Did She Say?

Reddit | RudyFish3

I mean, it was a bold move that's for sure, and it clearly paid off as well as I'd expect it to.

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9. Quiet Buzzing Noises

Reddit | dingogordy

Now that looks like something that someone hiding some bees would write! It's common knowledge that Bees make great gifts, as well.

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10. "Very tight connection to the bottleneck"

Reddit | sitanhuang

Make sure you clean the bottle completely, or else risk getting Mountain Dew in your hair. And trust me, no one wants that.

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11. Poorly Thought Out Signs

Reddit | squid_man9453

How do people not read these things back after they put them up? Also, "Slow Children At Play", is perhaps not the best phrasing for a sign in general anyway.

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12. Back To School

Reddit | carlosX_120

I can't imagine that whichever staff member let this catastrophic blunder go unnoticed didn't face any repercussions for this.

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13. Dear Lord

Reddit | CaffSpider

You know what? On second thought, I don't want to know the explanation.

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14. Context Is Very Important

Reddit | Eddy44556565656

That knocked out fox thing is radiating very much the same energy as me on Monday mornings.

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15. Penny-farthing

Reddit | Hamittyn

The king of the hipsters has finally arrived! Behold as he approaches on yonder penny-farthing which they hath detached from thine eco-conscious Prius!

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16. This Person's Google Suggestions

Reddit | OutOfMind123

People these days have far too many encounters with velociraptors for my liking! Also, why would Voldemort steal your shampoo? He doesn't have any hair!

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17. Pepper Tea

Reddit | Vanguardalfa

I mean, I guess it would cut down on the amount of washing up you'd have to do?

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18. "We've been using strepsils wrong!"

Reddit | Muzza3212

Ah, that must be why they taste so terrible then!

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19. Planking Level 100

Reddit | Wiildman8

That's one way to motivate a person. My arms are tired just looking at that.

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20. Anime Logic

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

From what I know about anime, that knight should just give up and run, because the school girl is going to kick his butt.

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21. Nightmare Before Christmas

Reddit | Bnot42

Considering how early some parts of North America have gotten snow this year, this may actually be a valid decoration method for Halloween.

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22. That's How It Works, Right?

Reddit | Gobybear

I think those devices are meant to protect the hoses from regular cars, not train cars. I hope no train was scheduled to go through there.

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23. Crispy Sushi

Reddit | paneng

I get that some people don't like the idea of eating raw fish, but my sushi-loving soul just can't handle this travesty.

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24. Safety First

Reddit | yzraeu

To be fair, that's a quality plank in an unusual place, but it's also just asking to cause injury of themselves or others on the road.

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25. Mop Graveyard

Reddit | temporalwanderer

Apparently, this is where mops and their buckets go to die. I feel like a eulogy is merited.

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26. Cable Management

Reddit | racso2005

Yeah, this totally seems like it would meet building codes.

Also, please tell me that bathroom has a door...

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27. Life Hacked

Reddit | ALateNightBrowser

If your cat likes the laptop because it's warm, then this might work if you put a heating pad under the fake keyboard.

If your cat just likes being in the way, then you're screwed.

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28. Plagued By Doctors

Reddit | Duneharrow

Something about this guy's expression delights me. Clearly, this is just another day on the subway and he's just going to enjoy it.

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29. Backpack Cat

Reddit | Duneharrow

The cat's face says exactly everything that needs to be said about this idea.

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30. Lost Bike

Reddit | leonaril

It presumably took a boat to get the bike all the way out there. Props to the pranksters on this one.

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31. Seems Legit

Reddit | PR0CR45T184T0R

This is the sort of thing clueless parents buy for their kids and are then left baffled when the kid isn't appreciative.

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32. "I sense an imposter"

Reddit | Peepo7

Either that or they've been trying out a new marketing campaign. It'll definitely get people's attention, that's for sure.

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33. You Had One Job

Reddit | CamTheChest

I was going to ask if I get to keep them all if I successfully claw the bag, but let's be serious. The claw isn't robust enough to hold it.

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34. "Tip for getting Tips"

Reddit | a-happy-human

I'm sure this will really help your odds of getting a Christmas Bonus this year!

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