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Cockroach Carrying A Cigarette Through NYC Goes Twitter Viral

Caitlyn Clancey 20 Oct 2019

Do you guys remember that rat that went viral after it was spotted lugging a slice of pizza down a flight of subway stairs in the Big Apple?

Lovingly dubbed "Pizza Rat" by some and "Carrie Ratshaw" by others, that little pest gained internet stardom after it was filmed refusing to give up its tasty find, even as it battled the mean streets of New York City.

Well, now there's a new pest in town that's taking the internet by storm. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Cigarette Cockroach.

This disgusting little fella was recently spotted attempting to drag a cigarette through NYC.

But hey, who are we to judge? We all have our vices, right?

According to CNN, attorney Tom Kretchmar uploaded a video of the determined roach on Friday after witnessing it struggle to get its nicotine fix at the 53rd and 5th Avenue subway stop in the stairwell.

"Tired: pizza rant," Kretchmar captioned the post on Twitter. "Wired: cigarette cockroach."

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The 21-second clip of this jonesing roach has gone viral, racking up over 3.6 million views in just three days.


Personally, I'm convinced this particular roach is an extra from that episode of Orange is the New Black where the inmates use the creepy insect to deliver cigarettes throughout prison.

Maybe life's been a little hard after the show wrapped and this particular roach is still trying to find work, so he's demonstrating the one skill that landed him such a prime spot on the Netflix series.

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Of course, the good people of the internet are obsessed with this cockroach and its cigarette.

While some people are reacting with disgust, others are finding the humor in such a bizarre find.

NPR host Scott Simon tweeted, "I guess if you have a lifespan of only 160 days, you might think, 'Why not?'"

Another user tweeted, "It's Friday. What a week. Even this cockroach needs a smoke.

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Although it's famous now, soon this roach will go the way of Pizza Rat and fade from popularity.

But at least it got its 15 minutes of fame while it was taking a much-needed smoke break.

I know, I know. Smoking is super bad for you. But these roaches can survive nuclear explosions. I don't think a cigarette will do them much harm.

h/t: CNN

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