Brie Larson's Reaction To Fan's Marriage Proposal Is The Greatest Thing Ever

Jake Bean 16 Oct 2019

It seems that everyone's favorite actress named after cheese is back in the news. And this time, it's not because she said that her trolls were dumb or whatever.

This time, it's good news!

We all love and cherish Brie Larson.


Not just because she's Captain Marvel, but because she's just so active in all sorts of communities for good.

She's a national treasure, and we shouldn't forget that for a second.

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Case in point:

Recently at ACE Comic-Con, a gay couple proposed in front of her and she had the below reaction:

LOL. That last picture is the best, where she's so surprised behind them.

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The two men are John Chambrone and Richard Owen.


And apparently, it was very important that John proposed in front of her. In fact, he handed her a letter in order to explain the whole ordeal.

Doesn't look like she minded, though.

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In fact, we know that she doesn't mind.

Because she sent out this tweet after they did so.

Well, that's a whole bunch of wholesomeness to hopefully get you through your day. Lord knows we need more of it!

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