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18+ Hilarious Pics To Keep You Company While He’s Out With The Boys

Patrick 11 Oct 2019

So, he's gone out with the boys, has he? Well, never fear, as I've got just the thing to keep you company through the long night of peace and quiet ahead!

From painfully rude robots to the most petty husband you've ever seen, here are 18+ hilarious pics to keep you company while he's out with the boys!

1. This Company Is Going Down The Can!

Reddit | Girlofgodsbadday

I don't think they really needed the drawing of a toilet, the message is pretty clear but what the heck! I always dreamed I'd do something like this when I quit my first customer service job, but in reality I just went in and said, "Yeah, I'm quitting." To which my boss replied, "Sound." The whole thing was very underwhelming.

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2. "My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed."

Reddit | bearfoxmousemushroom

I bet whatever argument caused this was not solved any time soon. Award for the pettiest husband ever goes to this guy!

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3. "We were asked to trace the worm in biology class"

Reddit | SuperHF3

I think that worm might be trying to tell you something! Either that or it's just a really big fan of the Beatles.

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4. Spoke Too Soon!

Reddit | Dank_meme_abuser420

"What happened here?"

"I'm sorry officer I was too busy trying to read the sign."

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5. "My husband bet me I couldn't shave his foot without him waking up. This is what he woke up to this morning."

Reddit | Potatoprincessa

How many of you are going to be trying this when your significant other comes in drunk next?

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6. RoboCop

Reddit | CapedBaldy154

This is like the worlds worst Dalek. Apparently it trundled around occasionally telling people to "Keep the park clean", while the woman tried to report a serious crime. We are living in the future.

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7. Kiwi Cat

Reddit | Coolcattosuwu

That cat is either about to tell you off or take to the pyramid stage at Glastonbury with an acoustic guitar.

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8. Accidentally Elegant Translation

Reddit | Momriguez

This really adds a sense of occasion and class to the act of urination. Gentlemen, please take note, and urinate with the same decorum as if you were doing ballroom dancing.

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9. "One of my friends gave her husband a cake to let him know they're expecting."

Reddit | KnuckIFyouCluck

Someone call the cake police, that's really a cookie! Also, did she get both an "It's a boy" and an "It's a girl balloon"? I mean, she's gonna be right but is that necessary?

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10. "My GF's obsession with cheesy cursive signs inspired me to make my own"

Reddit | Shancar

I need to know where you can get these and I need to know now! There is a perfect space on the hollow, empty walls of my soul for a wooden sign that says "Eat a dick".

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11. "Told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn't comfortable with that"

Reddit | twoforjoy

This photo is going to haunt that fella for the rest of his life. What would you even do there though, it's Jason Momoa for Christ's sake! His arms are the size of planets!

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12. "I guess I should rethink my flesh-colored bike seat"

Reddit | BonnieLinette

Yes, dear God yes, I really think that you should.

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13. "I didn’t believe my husband when he texted and said the cat was acting suspiciously."

Reddit | raisedbygringos

Wow, it even looks like it's frowning at him! That cat knows something, something truly terrible.

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14. "Guess I can drink at work now"

Reddit | Girthquakenz

This would be a great idea if you weren't drinking Bud Light, a drink that tastes like the inside of a well frequented by urinating squirrels.

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15. "The many stages in my sweater's life"

Reddit | Hippaul

Mate, you're walking around on tiles in bare feet? That's messed up! Is it only me that feels sick walking on tiles in bare feet?

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16. Just Hold This Drill

Reddit | FreeSky-XD

The ownership is pretty much squarely on the photographer here, they'll be the one giving the direction. Way to go, photographer, you made this woman an internet celebrity for all the wrong reasons.

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17. "My GF is a monster! She just wanted to try them"

Reddit | SnakebiteSnake

Why just have one slice of one cheesecake, when you can have a small slice of all of the cheesecakes? My only question is, why didn't you just eat all of them?

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18. Target Husband

Reddit | ninnuh

I get that you're in a dire situation here man, but could you not have just put some form of punctuation after "homeless?"

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19. The World's Most Underpaid Cleaner

Reddit | OPG609

I like how the person with their window open has no idea that just a few feet above their window, someone is doing one of the most stupidly dangerous things I've ever seen.

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20. "Applicable to every fella alive!"

Reddit | hirsty19784

Hangars are overrated. I like to treat all my clothes equally, strewn across the floor. I reckon if I got one of these though I wouldn't even bother putting them in that, they'd just accumulate in a pile by the side!

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