9+ Magical Disney Makeup Looks For Halloween

If you're a makeup lover this article is definitely for you. With Halloween just around the corner, I bet you're looking for a special Halloween-inspired look that will enchant everyone around you.

So how about a little magic of Disney? You can take your inspiration anywhere from sweet Disney princesses to evil queens. The possibilities are truly endless.

1. Maleficent

Speaking of the ultimate evil queen, Maleficent is fearless, fierce and fun. If you can rock these cheekbones, you're half way there. Now let's work on that gaze.

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2. Queen Grimhilde

Another famous evil queen that immediately comes to mind is, of course, Snow White's nemesis. You can embody her look with gorgeous purple eye shadow.

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3. Ariel

Now if you want to show off your softer side you can opt for something like the sweet Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Gorgeous makeup job here.

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4. Sleeping Beauty

Channel your inner Sleeping Beauty with this simple and beautiful look. A pretty hairdo and a little red lip gives you that statement look you're searching for.

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5. Mulan

If a bold look is what you're after Mulan is the character that can really show off your awesome makeup skills. Wow, just look at those fierce eyebrows.

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6. Cruella de Vil

For those with a truly fun personality this awesome Cruella de Vill idea is simply amazing. Ha, ha, ha. She's got attitude to boot.

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7. Cheshire Cat

Speaking of fun characters this version of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is something else. Isn't it? Talk about some mad makeup skills here. Wowza.

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8. Minnie Mouse

OMG, how adorable is this Minnie Mouse incarnation? I'm in love with the polka dot lips. I think this might be my look this year. Hee, hee.

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9. Sally

For those truly talented who can pull off this look why not go for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas? Oh my, I wish I could do this.

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10. Marie

Here's another sweet look that's so pretty and feminine. This Marie from The Aristocats is definitely the cat's meow. I'm digging all the pink makeup here.

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11. The Queen Of Hearts

You will definitely stand out of the crowd with this intricate and absolutely flawless Queen of Hearts look. The makeup here is just stunning.

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12. Elsa

For those who are totally obsessed with Frozen, this Elsa look is to die for. I'm loving everything here from the white hair wig to the stunning eyes.

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13. Tinker Bell

For those ladies looking to add a little glam to their life this Tinker Bell idea shines bright through. It's sweet and fun at the same time.

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I hope these gorgeous Disney looks have inspired you to step out of the box this Halloween and play around with makeup to come up with a magnificent stand-out creation.

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These looks are sure to make your Halloween magical!

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