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16+ Uplifting Pics That Give Us Hope For The Future

Ryan Ford 8 Oct 2019

At a certain point of the day, it's easy to despair for the future. Hope can be a little more difficult to come by. But there are good signs all around us — we're here to help point some of them out!

1. This figure skater respectfully helping the champ celebrate.

Have you ever seen such a gesture on the international stage before? It's easy to do, and so meaningful, too.

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2. It doesn't look like much, but this is a big moment.

Reddit | rabblebowser

This guy is celebrating one year of sobriety with a 13-mile hike into some beautiful scenery.

"I stopped doing AA, so I won't get a token. Here's me with a pine cone instead," he wrote.

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3. "My [now] wife beating my groomsmen at Smash Bros 5-10 minutes before our wedding ceremony."

Reddit | Shortchiken05

There's just something about all those relaxed, happy people having a good, normal time together before a momentous occasion that gets me.

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4. Best friends always there for each other.

Reddit | shitz-and-gigglez

"My best friend got married over the weekend," wrote the uploader. "I got to stand by her like she stood by mine." Really puts the "honor" in "maid of honor," don't you think?

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5. This boy has to use an insulin pump, so his parents got tattoos of insulin pumps on their stomachs.

Reddit | rafamaia11

Now their boy won't feel quite as different, and he'll never doubt that his parents are in his corner.

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6. Grandparents can't be beat.

Reddit | memezzer

And hey, this just might give other grandparents out there an idea of yet another way to show how much they love their grandkids.

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7. This guy looks like he's been through the wringer, but he's smiling for a good reason.

Reddit | Blyf

Going into his brain surgery, he had a 40% risk of some paralysis following the removal of a tumor.

When he woke up, he was not only cancer-free, but able to move everything as normal.

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8. Breakfast at a hotel during a Santa convention is something else.

Reddit | Songs4Soulsma

If DisneyWorld ever isn't the happiest place on Earth, a Santa convention really ought to be.

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9. All the audience you need.

Reddit | whitefox59

This kid got a dollar from his dad and stopped to listen to this busker belt out a tune, which must have been greatly appreciated.

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10. It starts early.

Reddit | Kevin5010

You can just hear the dreams going through this tyke's head, can't you? And how can you not smile at the way he's emulating his hero?

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11. This guy has a new lease on life thanks to a new heart.

Reddit | paulcain95

At just 24, he got a heart transplant, and so far, it seems to be going well.

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12. It's always nice when companies actually listen to their customers.

But then, how could Tesla say no to a request help keep a baby happy? That's just good business.

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13. Smiles can be easy to give.

Reddit | somethingaboutbeer

"Went out for breakfast and this guy had a lion hat," wrote the uploader. "My daughter said she liked the hat and he gave it to her. Made her day."

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14. In this Iranian classroom, some girls are taking a chance.

Reddit | Cyrus-V

They're protesting the mandatory hijab and not wearing one, a big risk. Respect.

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15. This firefighter cares for everyone involved in a car wreck.

Reddit | Hakitana

He's comforting the poor pooch after what must have been a traumatic experience. Thankfully, everyone survived the wreck.

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16. Just look at the joy on display!

Reddit | pupsikandr

Has motherhood ever looked so good? You don't need to see much more than a smile like that to put a smile on your own face.

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17. Although this kid has clearly had a rough time, this is a happy occasion.

Reddit | Early_Cuyler

The first 257 days of her life were spent in the hospital, but on this day, she's finally headed home.

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18. Obviously one dad had a reasonable excuse for missing out on the birth of his son.

Reddit | YoungOrthodox95

But his wife came up with a creative way to include him all the same. Sweetness.

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19. This baby is in a pretty special place.

Reddit | muddxboy

At just two months old, she's being held by her 104-year-old great-great-grandma. Just incredible.

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20. When The Bahamas was devastated by Hurricane Dorian, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the area let passengers know that it would be helping out.

And they offered their guests an opportunity to help out, too. It's always heartwarming when people come together to help after a disaster.

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