12 Pics That'll Make You Say 'You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie'

Diply 14 Feb 2018

Sometimes, you see something online that's simply talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, and completely not ever been done before.

It's literally the perfect mix of sass and genius, and even though you weren't there to really witness the moment, you know that everything about it was absolutely perfect.

And that's how the people on this list will have you feeling. Even if you don't know them, you're proud of them for elevating things to a whole new level. They did amazing, sweetie.

Okay, here's the thing: picture yourself being this gif when you're reading through this article, because honestly, these people outdid themselves, and we're truly proud of them. 

Twitter | @ezekielfiguero
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Or you can be doing this, because like Kris Jenner watching Kim K absolutely slay her Playboy cover, we're in awe. How do y'all do it?

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1. Homophobia? In 2018? Nope, not here for it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Twitter | @jpbrammer

What better way to shut down homophobia than to just keep being yourself? I mean, I'm sure it'll piss a few Stone-Age-minded people off, but it'll be a true benefit to everyone else.

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2. Truly a masterpiece in getting receipts and putting someone in their place. 

Twitter | @unlurn

"Oh, you're sure about that, Brad? You never said that? Haha, okay, one second, lemme just grab something real quick." Iconic.

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3. Move over, Joanne: We have a new scammer in town, and she's not playin' around.

Twitter | @decentbirthday

Even though this plan didn't necessarily work, the intention to go through with this is so admirable.

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4. Not only are we proud, but so is Britney, and I can guarantee the FBI agent is into it, too.

Twitter | @xowenm

No privacy? No problem. I mean, at this point, what doesn't the FBI know about us? Might as well live a little!

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5. We love a disorganized queen. 

Twitter | @majaanushka

I can just picture this happening because I relate to it on every level. It's like, "Oh, you don't think I'm gonna find it? Challenge accepted." And just like that, you shut down anyone who didn't believe in you.

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Twitter | @imnocrybaby

Landing a man is a delicate game, and let's just say it's clear Demi knows exactly what she's doing. Posts a fire pic then follows and likes Henry's pics? It's game over, y'all.

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7. Now this is how you announce a breakup. Nai, you're doing ameeeezing, sweetie!

Twitter | @_NaiTai

Pictures speak louder than words, and this one says, "I'm over you, I don't care, to the left, to the left."

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8. Go, Diego, go!!

Twitter | @CGBPosts

Sorry, Chloe, but it looks like Diego sent your wig to another galaxy. I mean, there's no going back after this, and I can guarantee Diego patted himself on the back for a drag so expertly executed.

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9. I'm no parenting expert, but letting your kids express themselves however they want to is such a beautiful concept.

Twitter | @evanrosskatz

Sarah Michelle Gellar, you killed it in Buffy, and you're clearly still killin' it. You're doing amaaaaaaazing, sweetie!

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Like, breaking down gender norms as early as FIVE? Shutting down homophobia so beautifully? It's truly iconic.

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10. I am intrigued. Such talent and innovation. So amazing, sweetie. 

Sizzle | Sizzle

Like, just when you thought people couldn't come up with new tricks for old instruments, homeboy comes out with this, and it's an incredible spectacle.

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11. The only kind of cheating that's acceptable because you're doing amazing, sweetie.

Twitter | @DesiPerkins

Seriously, a couple of chicken wings won't hurt. It's protein, right? And, I mean, celery has negative calories, so I'm sure it balances out the BBQ sauce.

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12. Truly, a masterpiece in making things work, having supportive friends, and just being a queen in general. 

Twitter | @aminah_mck

Her friends are like Kris Jenner, and Aminah is Kim K. Minus the Playboy part, this shoot is basically that, but in a grocery store. Aminah and friends, y'all are doing amazing, sweeties.

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Sweeties, you all did so ameeezing, and we're all so proud.

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