16 Terrifying Pics Because Who Wants To Sleep Anyway

Diply 8 Mar 2018

Being afraid of the dark is just for kids, right? Nothing out there can really hurt you, right?

Well, I used to think that.

Then, I started writing this story at one in the morning. Then, I heard a creaking noise outside my door. Now, I'm cowering in fear.

For real, don't read this before bed!

1. This confirms it: TV channel guides are out to get us.

Reddit | danny996

They're slow, they're unintuitive, they constantly glitch out, then they wait until the middle of the night to give you straight up death threats. This is why the cable business is hurting right now.

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2. ...I thought that hospital was abandoned.

Reddit | DedicatedSloth

It's supposed to be abandoned, but in one of the hundreds of windows, something is going down tonight. I'm not sure what that something is, and I certainly wouldn't want to investigate it for myself.

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3. The dead have risen.

Reddit | BedriddenSam

In parts of Louisiana, constant flooding makes it necessary to put coffins in crypts that are above the ground. Sometimes a flood sweeps in and suddenly you're competing with the dead for elbow room on city streets.

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4. This department store display doesn't encourage me to shop there.

Reddit | rpbob

I have absolutely no idea what's going on with the mannequins in the window of this creepy-ass Japanese department store. They're doing a really bad job of attracting shoppers, that's for sure.

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5. You just have to get to the end of the hallway.

Reddit | greeeeeeeg

Maybe it's just a woman in a creepy dress at three in the morning. Maybe it's a demon. There's only one way to find out.

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6. Cool prank, bro.

Reddit | Dusta1992

Some guy did this on the baby monitor to freak out his wife. I like a good prank as much as the next guy, but I don't want to a) terrify my wife, or b) get divorced.

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7. When you've raised a black-eyed child.


You're not supposed to let black-eyed kids into your house in the first place, but if one of them is your kid, you have no choice but to look at their creepy face.

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8. Just keep driving.

Reddit | SageieGirl

A Redditor saw this weird display in a window while on a nighttime drive. It's tough to know what's going on, and that's clearly for the best.

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9. Good thing this pic was taken during the day.

Reddit | dashingtoast

Yeah, it's just kids' clothes that have been frozen and set up this way. But that wouldn't be so obvious if you were passing by at nighttime.

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Reddit | FatNDepressed

Surveillance systems help protect your house, but also force you to confront the horrifying creeps who apparently stare at your home during the wee hours of the night.

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11. Why the long face? Want to hang out?

Reddit | moralanarchy

I have no explanation for this one, sorry. It's probably just a horror prop or a Halloween mask though, right?


I'll just keep telling myself that.

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12. Always nice to see a genuine smile.

Reddit | FranklinJerald

You know, surveillance cams are cheaper than ever, and before I started writing this thread I was actually considering picking some up. Not anymore.

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13. When you live in Silent Hill.

Reddit | Reddit

Sometimes, it's important to look on the positive side: Yes, this is creepy, but at least the heavy fog means it's harder to see all of the spooky assailants.

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14. We all float down here.

Reddit | serendipitybot

That looks like a lovely front porch sitting area. I guess Pennywise's chubby cousin thought the same thing. Gotta love how he just stares at the camera.

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15. Seeing a lonely tricycle is never a good thing.

Reddit | ShakesSpear

If the horrifyingly creepy vibe of this abandoned asylum (!) wasn't enough, there's a freakin' tricycle in the middle of the hallway. Run!

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16. This area belongs to the spiders.

Reddit | Colombianthunder

Some older houses have hidden fallout shelters built under the foundation. And in approximately every case, those dank, dark areas are a spider-infested hellscape of doom.

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