Yeah, Doin' It's Cool, But...

Diply 1 Feb 2018

They pay me here to write jokes, and by and large that's what I do, but, if I can be real for a minute, you know what's really cool? Relationships.

I'm not talking about dating or hookups, I'm talking about really getting into the messy thick of it with somebody. That's not to say that anyone's in the wrong for preferring to not settle down but, for me, there's nothing better than letting your casual thing go Super Saiyan and transform into a straight-up relationship.

I'm talking about when you've gotten to the point that, yeah, things are great in the bedroom, but they're just as great in the kitchen, or the living room, or anywhere that the other person is.

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I'm talking about the kind of relationship where the pillow talk after is just as great as whatever you were doing before. 

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I'm talking about the kind of relationship where you can invite the person to bed and no matter what ends up happening, you're exactly where you want to be in the world.

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Because, at the end of it all, your relationship is more than the sum of your body parts. You're a whole person, with problems that need listening to, and a belly that needs pizza rolls. And when you find that right person, there's just nothing better.

Twitter | @distastefulboy
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