36 Improvising Moms Who Deserve A Medal

We all know by now that there is no such thing as a parenting handbook. You just have to wing it and hope that your child survives in spite of you not knowing everything.

These moms certainly did their best with what they had!

1. This mom who turned the importance of eating into fashion

Instagram | @daphnedesy

Hey! This would totally remind me to eat in the morning. Talk about grab-and-go! Fruit Loop necklace, here I come!

2. The mom who doesn't mess around when it comes to yogurt

Buzz Boom Box | Buzz Boom Box

I need this. I eat yogurt every morning. There is rarely a day I'm not scooping a glob off my shirt.

3. Shopping made easier

Instagram | @caleythemom

They say to use what you've got. My family constantly uses my wheelchair handles. Convenient for everyone...until they haunt me with texts because they forgot something.

4. The mom who uses coffee like this.

Instagram | @rachael.dorr

Starbucks needs to get on this ASAP. No more watery iced coffees! They'd probably work as nice morning zaps on their own, really.

5. This mom who won't lose bobby pins ever again

Twitter | @LilyAndTheTwins

This is one of the world's biggest mysteries, and it's solved! No more wasting money on multiple packs a year!

6. This mom who spiced up storage

Instagram | @miss_bjk

Who says the spice has to die when the salsa is gone? Showcase your favorite staple snacks while keeping things clean! She loses points for not going with at least "medium" salsa, though.

7. This mom who keeps things fresh

Imgur | attilakn

I've always found that shower caps make people look like E.T. I like this solution way better. R.I.P. to all my wasted drinks!

8. This mom who is my Patronus

Instagram | @ashleet88

Once you get in an inner tube, it can be hard to get out. This mom discovered the best of both worlds! I must try this.

9. This mom who knows how to protect the goods

Instagram | @tracynusbaum

I, too, have been known to treat a precious food item like a child. This is in my future. Stay safe, melon baby.

10. This mom who kept her tot dry

Instagram | @syslidalund

I imagine some days parents wish they could keep their child in a bubble to avoid getting wet or dirty. This is probably the closest solution.

11. This mom who kept her tot happy

Instagram | @princessstephiiee

Sometimes, you just have to do whatever is necessary. TV is a lifesaver in moderation, but limiting screen time isn't an option when you need some "me" time.

12. The mom who did this

Instagram | ishouldprobablyloseweight

She put the lime in the ice cube trays and made the drinks better. Now, that's something I have to try. I wonder if the ice cubes are water or lemonade...

13. The mom who gave this ice cream cone to her kid

Instagram | @thewatusies

I always wanted the food we didn't have in my house, but I'd be scarred for life if I got oatmeal posing as ice cream.

14. Look mom, no hands!

Instagram | @j.cathell

I know parents often wish they had extra hands. Who knew toilet paper could be so helpful? I mean, it's already a hero in the bathroom, but this is above and beyond.

15. This pro cooker mom

Instagram | @vinitajacob

I can barely manage to boil an egg, so I admire people who can cook outside the box. I wish I knew this trick in college.

16. This mom who saves the day

Instagram | @lbacon727

It's not always cool to pee your pants. Especially when you don't have Adam Sandler to save you, Billy Madison style. Props to this mom!

17. The mom who wanted to fall asleep too...

Reddit | FreddyJackson69

So she filled a glove with beans so they'll still feel loved

18. This mom who managed to sneak in the healthy choice relatively unnoticed...

Reddit | Fanie1157

Don't let them know about all the good-tasting food they could be having.

19. This mom who figured out how to watch the news while keeping the kids entertained

Reddit | LZSS007

Keep going, kids. Isn't it fun playing car chase?

20. This mom who managed to avoid an awkward conversation with her teenage son 

Reddit | gayasian3some

21. This mom who figured out make sure the chores get done

Reddit | adnasium

Eventually you'll figure out their triggers, and then you can get creative

22. This mom who circumvented a mess

Instagram | @vipbymarynicole

Poke a hole in the bottom of a plastic container to have an instant drip catcher.

23. This Mom who knows when the kids sneak out of bed

Imgur | JLow8907

When rules don't work, booby traps usually do

24. This mom obviously knows that what works for tattoos can also work for walls

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

25. This mom who tricked her kids into eating fruit

Instagram | @george.eats

Fruits with hard rinds like watermelon make a perfect choice.

26. This mom who created a makeshift ice pack using a frozen sponge 

Instagram | @1crazyhousetips

Plus they are way less expensive.

27. This mom who made the best of a bad situation

Facebook | LAD Bible

Waste not, want not!

28. This Mom who knows who to make sure her valuables don't get stolen

Instagram | @sarahjoymartin7

Just please remember this is not a dirty diaper!

29. This mom who discovered a new beauty technique...

Instagram | Instagram

We've all wanted to wash our eyes after seeing something messed up, but I'm sure she wants to do it literally right now.

30. These moms who figured out how to troll their sons

Reddit | satanscomedian

This is pretty bang on, to be honest.

31. This Mom who forced the door-to-door salesmen to do garden work

Reddit | puppiesmakemelol

32. This mom who did what she could the only way she new how 

Twitter | @ultratwigs

If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid.

33. This mom who got her kids to eat their lunch for once

Reddut | obento4kids

I can't compete with this. Not gonna happen. Game over.

34. This mom who wrote her information on her child's arm before going to a themepark

Cherise McClimans | Cherise McClimans

35. This mom who found a tactful and delicious way to address a difficult subject

Imgur | Lassannn

36. This mom who figured out how to make veggies more appealing 

Toxel | Toxel

Well, gorsh! This mom went and outdid herself!