24 Pictures That Only Get Funnier With Time

Diply 13 Apr 2018

One of my favorite things about social media is that we can now see so many people's flaws that we could rarely see before. Before Instagram and Facebook, we used to have go rooting around for those things, ya know? The world is a hilarious and mysterious place, and now we get to see more of it in all its glory.

1. It looks like the dog in the background has suspected their person was cheating with another dog and now he knows for certain. 

Instagram | @9gag

He's definitely plotting his revenge as we speak.

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2. Before I die, I want to take an accidental selfie with a celebrity.

Imgur | Imgur

These people lucked out big time with none other than Jake Gyllenhaal. That is a dream come true, I've gotta say.

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3. Imagine you skipped on the one day someone brought a lamb to class?!

Reddit | dyakobian

I would never forgive myself. Look at the sweet little squishy face. How are people not more invested in her presence?

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4. This one has so many layers of hilariousness. 

Instagram | @kerryveralea

There is someone on ANOTHER TRAIN being caught up in the craziness of this moment. It's like the Inception of people watching.

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5. Cats are so strange. This is hilarious, but not at all surprising. 

Instagram | @frogsandcatsdeb

What is he doing? There is literally no way out of his situation other than to let go and fall into the beautiful snow.

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6. I almost didn't see those beady little eyes sizing up that dinner plate.

Reddit | MelonHazard

Doesn't look like anyone saved her any, though. That's so rude. Poor, poor baby. All she wanted was some salad.

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7. I refuse to believe that this wasn't done completely on purpose, because how would you not know? 

Reddit | Katgro

To be fair, this news station doesn't use English so it probably doesn't mean anything to them anyway.

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8. How terrible would it be if you missed getting a moment like this, your daughter's engagement, because the dreaded front camera opened first?

Imgur | pauliwalnuts

I swear it NEVER does this to me unless I really need it not to.

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9. There's always that one person in the family who feels like they get left out of everything.

Reddit | Reddit

Maybe that's because he allows himself to be walked all over...or in this case, sat on.

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10. This is so horrifying, I can't.

Reddit | xlLeviathanlx

Honestly, I already find little kids terrifying as it is, but now this one is possessed or something. This is one of my nightmares come true.

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11. What is even happening here?

Instagram | @correio.braziliense

This will never cease to amuse me. This woman is taking her dog for a stroll in a stroller and yet the children in the back are being walked on a leash. Classic.

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12. Listen, kids are crazy, okay? And if this is what it takes to keep them in the same place long enough to take a family photo, I'm not going to judge.

Imgur | Imgur

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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13. Are these trees on fire? Are you entering a new level of a video game?

Reddit | Remnant16

Nope, you're just seeing a pretty amazing optical illusion created by the sun setting. Pretty magical, right?

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14. I'm sure that being attacked by an owl is a very serious and upsetting thing.

Reddit | Am-I-Dead-Yet

But to see it on a sign like this is just a little bit hilarious.

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15. I can't think of a good reason why this exists. Like...why?

Reddit | ESPONDA-

It's so creepy and I feel like I wouldn't trust it not to start asking riddles before letting you into the truck.

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16. It took me a minute or two to look at this and understand what was happening.

Reddit | DeadliftEveryDay

It's a simple typo, but it does kind of add up to how I feel: too few days for too many things.

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17. At first everything looks to be in order, but then you spot that bright yellow rubber chicken.

Reddit | AnotherSmegHead

What purpose does he serve? Maybe when you get frustrated enough with a project he works as a stress ball?

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18. There's nothing worse than being betrayed by your human.

Reddit | Tierasaurus

If I even look at one of my cats, the other one comes running for attention. The hurt is real and pets aren't so forgiving.

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19. Can you imagine having arms that big?

Reddit | quinnj86

Well, neither can this person! If you look carefully you can see she has her arms tucked behind her back. This is next-level!

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20. "No, my charger doesn't look like th—OMG!"

Reddit | flib_bib

What is up with her feet? Those are just tiny doll's hands in flip-flops. I'm disappointed in myself for not noticing right away.

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21. Just a man and his dog sitting in the bed of a truck taking in the sights and snapping a few pics.

Imgur | Sulasi

But also a snazzy good boy in a royal blue baseball cap.

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22. I thought I had it and didn't understand why some of the cans and bottles were crushed...

Reddit | AnotherSmegHead

Because there's a person painted like bubbly beverages. Took me way too long.

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23. Cats are the absolute best at being creepers.

Reddit | fumanchoo11

They're always watching and sneaking up on you. They're also the best photobombers if you haven't noticed by now. What are you doing, little one?

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24. The caption that came with this picture said "Never leave your storage unlocked" but I think a better one would be "Make sure you check your storage before leaving."

Reddit | Imaybeda1

He couldn't have gotten in there afterwards. He was left behind for sure.

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