The Pipe Braid Is The Only Hairstyle You Need To Know This Festival Season

Diply 17 Apr 2018

If you have Instagram, then there's absolutely no chance you didn't know this past weekend was round one of Coachella. I've been scrolling through photos of celebrities and normal people alike, jealous that I'm not partying it up in the desert, and I've dissected each and every person's outfits.

Well, folks — we've still got one more weekend of Coachella posts to get through. So if you're lucky enough to be attending this festival or any others this season, there's one thing you definitely need to know about: the pipe braid.

You'll see a lot of the same hairstyles floating around at Coachella and other music festivals.  

Instagram | @souludovica

When you're in a pinch, some loose, beachy waves and a side braid decorated with clips, jewels, or flowers is always a win.

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When it comes to festival hairstyles, there really are no rules. 

Instagram | @natsworldoffashion

Double space buns and a tiny tiara? Why not? Festival style is about expressing yourself, which is why we see some pretty wild stuff at Coachella each year.

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If you're a hardcore festival-goer, you might even adorn your hair in as many jewels and sparkles as humanly possible. 

Instagram | @girlsofglitz

This is definitely a look. Not one I could pull off, but she's totally rocking it.

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And of course, there's nothing wrong with choosing the most traditional festival hair look: loose waves and some sort of hat. 

Instagram | @hope.rivershopping

And although all of these hairstyles are 100% festival-approved, you're about to be seeing the pipe braid everywhere.

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What is a pipe braid, you might be wondering? 

Instagram | @nicciwelsh

It's basically a Dutch braid, but as you go along, you're wrapping a thin section of hair around the braid to create a pipe-like effect.

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The most popular version of the pipe braid right now seems to be double braids that end at the nape of the neck. 

Instagram | @beyondtheponytail

Stars like Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd had pieces of pink fabric woven into hers at Coachella this past weekend.

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You can also try out a single pipe braid, which is basically the most perfect bohemian-inspired hairstyle that ever existed. 

Instagram |

This braid is just the perfect combination of put together and effortless-looking.

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You may think this braid looks pretty complicated, but it's actually quite simple to do.  

Instagram | @lorrainecusack

However, if even a braid is a bit too much for your laid-back festival style, we've still got you covered!

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We've been seeing a ton of festival hairstyles lately that involve rings. 

Instagram | @modernsalon

This hair look is bohemian-inspired with a side of edgy. You can get cheap rings at pretty much any accessories store, then just braid them into whichever style you decide to rock.

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Another popular festival hairstyle this year is a patterned scarf tied around a ponytail. 

Instagram | @honeycombed

This retro-inspired hairstyle is so quick and so easy to do.

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When it comes to festival season, you can never go wrong with any variation of a fishtail braid. 

Instagram | @tatianakarelinaofficial

This beautiful one has different-colored elastics woven through it. Then, it was fastened across her head like a milkmaid braid-inspired crown.

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And this list simply wouldn't be complete without a double space-bun hairstyle. 

Instagram | @elchimofficial

Her pastel pink hair is also a festival win.

What's your favorite festival hairstyle? COMMENT and let us know!

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