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Give Your Car The Sparkly Makeover It Deserves With This Tire Glitter

Dan 13 Sep 2019

Pimp My Ride has been off the air for over a decade, but that doesn't mean people are finished with finding ways to pimp their respective rides, Xzibit or no Xzibit.

Sometimes, a bit of a makeover can do wonders for a car. And other times, you wonder why they even bothered.

Wheels: your vehicle has them.


Whatever type of road vehicle you might drive, there's one undeniable fact: you're riding on wheels, hopefully four of them. This makes the wheel/tire/rim/spinner area a good place to invest in if you're looking to make your ride a bit spiffier.

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This is a thing.


Yes, this "Black Magic Tire Wet Silver Spray" is basically eight ounces of glitter for you to put on your tires. It sells for about fifty bucks on Amazon, so you know it had better be good.

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I don't know what I was expecting, but it looks like someone just glued a bunch of glitter onto some standard tires. I mean, that's pretty much all this spray promises, but I guess I expected more.

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Some people love it.

Reviews online range from "looks like a unicorn pissed on your tires" to "DO NOT take them through a car wash", to "you sparkle everywhere you go."

People who want their tires to sparkle might be a niche market, but this product is certainly right up their alley.

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Do you want sparkly tires?


If you do (I won't judge too harshly), you can pick this stuff up over on Amazon for around $50, so it's definitely an investment.

If you do wind up buying some, let us know how it goes. Do your tires shine bright like a diamond? Or is the product less glitz and more grunge? We need the truth.

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