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15+ Times People Selling Things On The Internet Were Completely Delusional

Dan 12 Sep 2019

The internet is the greatest marketplace humanity has ever known. But for all the great bargains and rare finds that are available on eBay and Craigslist, there's a whole lot of self-delusion.

1. But it's in color!

Reddit | TJs_Aviation543

Back in 1998, the Game Boy Color was a hot commodity. But even back then it sold for, like, 70 bucks. Considering Nintendo made about a million billion of these things, I can't imagine one being worth this much.

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2. I like it.

Reddit | MyguyOp17

Not gonna lie: I totally dig this piece and would totally hang it with pride in my house. But $1,200? I could make my own lousy cat and banana painting and save myself the cash.

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3. But it's been discontinued!

Reddit | S1E2A3L4

I don't think citrusy toothpaste is up there with McDonald's Szechuan sauce or Hi-C Ecto Cooler in terms of discontinued things that people want back. But if it is, here's some toothpaste for three and a half grand.

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4. Rare variant.

Reddit | lamptreebox

Look, if you're trying to sell some hot sauce for 25 G's, you have to sell it, y'know? I don't think it's convincing when you tell bidders that it's "apparently" worth what you're charging.

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5. Discount if you mention this ad.

Reddit | ImbalancingAct

This is a Minnie Mouse cake, I think. It would probably suffice as a first effort, but not as a $275 cake. However, if you mention this ad, you'll save a sweet $8.25, bringing the price down to a reasonable $266.75.

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6. Pre-broken for your convenience.

Reddit | ohsocheesy123

Let's assume for the sake of argument that broken terracotta pots are in demand. It seems like someone could buy one at their regular price of practically nothing and then drop them on the ground to achieve this.

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7. The future is here.

Reddit | KKpem

Serious gamers want serious gaming chairs. This chair doesn't look like much, but it must offer a mind-blowing experience if it's selling for $1,500. It has the added bonus of being super kunfi!

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8. Go Flordia.

Reddit | octopusgreenhouse

Someone had some fun with a label maker. Someone also thinks there are colleges called Flordia, Memph, Vill and G Wash. Someone also promised "15+" of these but called it a day at 14.

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9. For aspirational buyers.

Reddit | AliceInLimboland

If you can't afford the entirely reasonable price that a brand-new smart device costs, you can always have the box. For $8.53 including shipping, you can pretend to own an Amazon Echo Dot.

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10. So many problems with this.

Reddit | PapaKeeber

It's awesome to sell things for more than you bought them for, but it's best not to advertise this fact. Like, if she bought it for $450, wouldn't it make sense to just buy your own rather than pay her $500?

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11. It's art.

Reddit | hexafraction

This artist is trying to become a millionaire for selling a virus-ridden computer. I think there are a few Bonzi Buddy-corrupted PC's in my parents' basement with the exact same specs.

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12. An indoor garden.

Reddit | sexretive

So if this is someone's shower, where does that person go to...shower? I can appreciate nature as much as the next guy, but there's no way this is a good idea.

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13. Like fine art.

Reddit | sodastreammmmmmmmmmm

This ad might work on people who are totally unaware of these nifty little things called "apps" that can apply "filters" to your photos and achieve the same effects for "way less than £12".

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14. Christmas is just a few months away.

Reddit | haynate14

All things considered, $20 seems pretty reasonable for a nativity scene carved out of a potato, although I'm not sure where the market currently sits for a niche item like this.

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15. Even fanboys won't want this.

Reddit | RealRavioliJones

It takes real audacity to try drawing something, apparently for the first time ever, and then try to sell it for a hundred bucks on Etsy. They do say it's only V1, though. Maybe V2 will include his other ear.

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16. C'mon now.

Reddit | [deleted]

Old, rare soft drinks and snacks can sell for a few bucks on eBay, but when I say "a few bucks", I literally mean a few bucks. Also, this isn't even original Crystal Pepsi.

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17. Shipping price is on point.

Reddit | Lewzrrr

I would absolutely accept this as a last-minute Halloween accessory. I would even pay upwards of one dollar for it. But this price seems a tad steep. At least you can submit your own offer.

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18. No ducking way.

Reddit | thefugginhanz

Look, I have no idea what a duck costs. I'm sure some of them cost $250, if not more. Throw a free puppy into the mix and it only sweetens the pot. I still don't know how to feel about this.

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19. One of one.

Reddit | Fireventis

The description really sells this. This Cheeto, which looks a lot like most Cheetos, resembles "an actually FLAMING TORCH". Are you not entertained? It can also look like a dragon, if you're able to turn it sideways.

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20. If you have to ask the price...

Reddit | gorcbor19

I'm always willing to pay top dollar for a quality burrito, but I don't want to have to inquire about prices. I also don't want my burritos rolled on the floor by someone who looks like they've given up on life.

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