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16+ Things That Are Incredibly Massive Out Of Nowhere

Caitlyn Clancey 30 Aug 2019

I think it's safe to say that most of us prefer things to stay exactly the way they are, thank you very much. We aren't very keen on change, and when something changes too drastically... well that just makes us uncomfortable.

In case you aren't sure where you lie on this issue, here are some of the most abnormally big things the internet has to offer. Keep in mind, these aren't things that are just big in general. No no, these things are way bigger than they have any business being.

And we have some complaints.

1. Salty situation.

Reddit | pangolingirl

This is a salt crystal someone found in the box that somehow ended up becoming a massive rock. And if you're inexplicably tempted to lick it, don't worry — you're not alone.

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2. Super sour.

Reddit | CaboseTheMoose

What your'e looking at here is a massive lemon that someone found growing on their lemon tree. Hey, when life gives you gigantic lemons, make lemonade, right?

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3. Pictured: The Night King and his sword.

Reddit | Political-Blackbeard

This person's grandpa came across an unusually large icicle and posed for a commemorative picture before it tragically melted into an unusually large puddle.

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4. Oversize Load.

Reddit | AbaddonSF

Ever seen a tire so big that it takes an entire truck to transport it, and even then it still earns the distinction of being an "oversize load" because it doesn't actually fully fit in said truck? Well, now you have.

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5. Say hail-o to the worst day of your life.

Reddit | deepcow

Why are unusually big things so terrifying? Just look at these massive clumps of hail.

They're the size of baseballs and I'm betting they hurt like hell when you get pelted by one.

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6. Just try and shake this thing when your snack gets stuck.

Reddit | WariosMoustache

This gigantic vending machine has more options than one person would ever need in their entire life.

Unless you're really in the mood for something, I bet you'll end up standing in front of this thing for way longer than necessary, just trying to pick a treat.

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7. I just hope the chicken's OK.

Reddit | Mazzack

This one is EXTRA uncomfortable, because not only did a chicken somehow lay this huge egg, but when it was cracked open, the egg contained a yolk and another regular sized egg inside of it.

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8. Make a really big wish.

Reddit | Metwa

This fluffy-looking thing is actually known as a trapopogon, and it's part of the sunflower family. (But to anyone who isn't an expert on flowers, it's basically a huge dandelion.)

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9. Put that thing back where it came from.

Reddit | everdrupian

Someone actually owns a giant African land snail as a pet. Think massive, slimy rabbit, and you've got the right idea.

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10. Imagine the hairballs, though.

Reddit | Opfaff

This massive cat is actually an example of perspective playing tricks on you. Because he's holding his feline friend out in front of him and it's closer to the camera, it looks way bigger than normal.

But I like to think this not-so-little fella is actually this big. So much fur baby to cuddle!

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11. Throw a giant wrench in your plans.

Reddit | ClownFishdaDish

This wrench needs to be picked up by a forklift and is used to work on a cargo ship's engine. But if you think this is big, you should see the size of the nut it has to turn.

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12. This sea turtle is on the move.

Reddit | bsurfn2day

And I wouldn't get in his way, because this thing is huge. Known as a leatherback sea turtle, these guys are the largest of all living turtles and can weigh anywhere from 500 to 2,000 pounds.

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13. "Honey, can you please take out the trash?"

In case you weren't aware, not all crabs are those tiny little things you're used to seeing.

This particular species, known as coconut crabs, are the largest terrestrial arthropoids in the world and can grow as big as three feet wide.

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14. There's no excuse for not seeing this sign.

Reddit | sleepyeyed

As it turns out, this road sign is actually average sized. It just looks huge because we're not used to seeing it at this perspective.

But it still makes me super uncomfortable and also doesn't make me too eager to drive beneath one now.

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15. Timber!

Flickr | Charles

Anyone else get a little freaked out after looking at this humongous tree? Those roots are bigger than some trees, so I can't even being to imagine how tall this thing must have been standing up.

And I really don't want to.

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16. I got it from my mama...'s garden.

Reddit | rosegamm

No, this isn't some hilarious cement garden decoration. This is actually an unusually large butt-shaped mushroom that sprouted in someone's yard overnight.

And this thing is thicccc.

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17. Put a ring on it.

Reddit | cuslhuman

This oversize ring is actually a prop from the Lord of the Ring movies and was used for the close-up shots.

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18. Hide your carrots.

Reddit | sebbysir

Just think of all the eggs this thing could haul at Easter. I had no idea rabbits could rival dogs in size, but apparently some breeds get downright gigantic.

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19. The safest lobster around.

Reddit | JazzOdyssey

After all, even if you have a brick of butter to melt, who even has a pot big enough to boil a monster like this?

Really though, you have to hope this old fellow was released back to the sea, where he must be the king of his neighborhood.

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20. Blooms for days.

Reddit | Usuallyfaded

As beautiful as this massive rhododendron is, it also must be an allergy-sufferer's nightmare, as well as a bee's paradise. So, so much pollen.

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21. It's a cabbage patch miracle.


It's not exactly loaves and fishes, but this one cabbage looks like it could make an entire church picnic's worth of cole slaw, with leftovers to spare. Hope it's on sale, though.

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22. It bearly fits.

Reddit | Amateurlapse

Just a normal sized teddy bear would be an interesting decor choice for a restaurant, never mind one that towers over all the diners. But what a cozy place it would be to curl up for a post-meal nap, don't you think?

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23. Bamboo really shoots up!

Reddit | fakenewsisfake

It's no secret that bamboo grows fast, but apparently it doesn't really slow down anytime soon. This stand would make a whole lot of cutting boards!

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24. Fall's on its way.

Reddit | ebjazzz

This giant leaf is as big as someone's steering wheel, and all I can think about is putting together a massive pile of these things and just going to town.

I'm sure it's not any different from jumping into a pile of regular leaves, but there's only one way to find out for sure, right?

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25. I loaf it.

Reddit | thedelightfuldill

You know what they say about someone with a big loaf of bread, right? They have a big oven. Also, they get to eat some unimaginably large sandwiches.

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26. I clove it.

Reddit | manigrace

I know, I know, but doesn't this impressively sized clove of garlic look like it was made for a huge loaf of bread? If only we could find a truly remarkable wedge of cheese, then we'd be in business.

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27. Takes after its namesake.

Reddit | Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

This behemoth definitely puts the "dragon" in "dragonfly." Just when you thought they were all cute little floaters zooming over the grass, this thing comes along that looks like it could pick the guy up and take off with him.

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28. What kind of bookcase is this for?

Reddit | Julmajannu

Those little hex wrenches you get with your Ikea furniture come in much, much larger sizes — apparently this one is put to use at a ship yard.

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29. Now that's a lot of fun.

Reddit | ParryPerson

My question is, did that little bag of Funyuns contain anything more than just that massive chip? Because it's a meal on its own.

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30. Bet you can eat just one.

Reddit | Joe2pointOh

Chips don't really get bigger than the potatoes they come from, so you know this chip came from a spud that was practically a boulder.

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31. He'll have no problem hitching a ride.

TikTok | Jacob Pina

Before you ask, no, this uncomfortably huge thumb is not photoshopped. This is someone's actual digit that measures in at a whopping 5 inches and that I'm sure makes for some super memorable thumbs-ups.

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32. Taco Bell?

Reddit | abjectfancy

Okay, that was kind of on the nose, but really, that's like a month's worth of TP on one roll, easily. You just want to be sure to hang it the right way so you don't have to move it later.

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33. Millenial heaven.

Reddit | tetrix_

When you find an avocado larger than a softball, I think you have to invite some friends over for toast to help you eat it before it goes- oops, it's already overripe.

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34. Stick around!

Imgur | Synster01

Mind you, when stick insects get this big, they should probably be called "branch" insects. At that length, they're not fooling anything by pretending to be a twig.

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35. A precious discovery.

Imgur | captainhowdy27

That's an opal — you know, the things you usually find on rings and necklaces and brooches? Yeah, they don't always start out so small.

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36. For giant blueberry pies, of course.

Reddit | ImObviouslyOblivious

I've always heard that blueberries are a super food but this honestly just seems excessive to me.

As it turns out, jumbo blue berries are a real thing, and you can actually buy them if you ever want to snack on one of these berries like you would a clementine or a plum.

So that's pretty neat.

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37. Bullwinkle, have you been working out?

Reddit | SeriesOfAdjectives

Yes, moose are large customers, but I really think this particular moose is big even for its species. I would definitely stay out of its way.

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38. Kids, we're eating zoodles for the next month.

Reddit | morepoopthanwater

Could you even fit this hefty zucchini into a spiralizer to make your zoodles? I don't know, but now I'm curious to find out.

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39. That's a handful.

Reddit | Eme1002

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure strawberries are supposed to be smaller than apples, not larger. Still, who's up for shortcake?

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40. A lunch time dream come true.

Reddit | britishbrick

We all got those little Babybel cheeses in our lunches back in the day, right? Wouldn't it make your day if you found that larger Babybel in your lunch? Well, apparently kids in France — of course — get to enjoy those chonking wheels.

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