16+ Solid Ideas That Were Put Into Motion

Dan 11 Aug 2019

We've all had good ideas. Sure, sometimes those good ideas feel like they're few and far between. Sometimes, the internet has such good ideas that yours seem like nothing in comparison. But at the end of the day...wait, where was I going with this?

1. B+ move.

Reddit | ShawnBoo

A Redditor explained that, whenever he sees a copy of Bee Movie (or, apparently, the Wii game), he buys it up to gift to his brother at a later date. You do you, random Redditor.

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2. So that's where they make tentacles.

Reddit | Murderhands

I don't know why somebody decided to festoon this abandoned factory with a series of massive inflatable tentacles. All I know is that I like it, and support that person's future endeavors.

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3. Life's rich pageant.

Reddit | Lokimonoxide

These two guys — one in Gunpo, South Korea and the other in Montevideo, Uruguay, arranged to make an "Earth sandwich" because they live on complete opposite sides of the globe.

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4. Tough but fair.

Reddit | tamoore151

As a person who hates answering the door, I really like this idea. It lays down the ground rules in straightforward terms, and also shows an openness to anyone bringing tamales or money to their house.

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5. Nice idea.

Reddit | PuddleOfRudd

Homelessness is tough to come back from. It's difficult to find housing or a job for people who don't have the money to clean themselves up. This barber's kind gesture will no doubt help his community.

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6. Do your research.

Reddit | playplaylistnew

The person who did this at a bookstore deserves a promotion. Maybe one of these books will convince somebody that raiding Area 51 is, and always was, a profoundly stupid idea.

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7. Press F to pay respects.

Reddit | Infinity

The owner of this chicken coop put up portraits of recently departed chickens (RIP, Mrs. Doubtfire and Mrs. Pepperpot). What's really nice here is that the other cluckers seem to appreciate the gesture.

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8. Fit for a king.

Reddit | Girth-Wind-Fire

Cat towers cost, like, a million dollars. Or at least they seem that way because they're built out of scrap wood and carpeting. After seeing this amazing homemade cat castle, I'm almost motivated to build my own.

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9. When your balloon is a deterrent.

Reddit | j4ck9

Hot air balloons usually come in an array of bright colors. But if you're the kind of hot air balloonist who wants other balloonists to leave them alone, you could do a lot worse than this Darth Vader balloon.

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10. Weird trade.

Reddit | connor-is-sad

A Redditor posted this, explaining that their grandpa needed to have a leg amputated. That's too bad! But on the plus side, his now one-footed grandpa walked out of the hospital wearing a brand-new pirate hat.

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11. Some Halloween costumes are too good.

Reddit | creatureofchaos

This bar had a perfect Halloween costume, especially considering that its door and windows are configured just like Moe's on The Simpsons. They should really just roll with this look all year round.

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12. Success!

Reddit | rightcoastguy

This guy went viral for inventing something truly useless: Hand Crocs. But even though he got a lot of internet points, he only truly succeeded when he got this cease and desist letter from Crocs, Inc.

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13. From the town of Bedrock.

Reddit | greg_brooks1

This is an actual Airbnb in a dynamited cave. I love its uniqueness. It looks like something out of The Flintstones, or possibly the lair of an evil Bond villain.

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14. Madlads.

Reddit | Goal1

These guys decided to create a McDonald's ad, featuring themselves, and hang it up without authorization. It stayed there for months and months. It's too bad this isn't the kind of thing you can put on a resume.

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15. Good vibes all around.

Reddit | padelsh

I would be so stoked to get something like this from my neighbors. Yes, it's super nice of them to reach out and be neighborly, but I'm mostly focused on the delicious, free treats under the note.

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16. Rainbow road.

Reddit | shatteredankle

A rock climber attached colorful LEDs to themselves, set up a camera to take an extremely slow-exposure shot, then hiked up this cliff face. The rainbow-toned results speak for themselves.

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17. Fakeout.

Reddit | Quincynessig

Sure, yogurt, apple slices and a peach make for a pretty nice breakfast. But if you were expecting a greasy breakfast, only to get these ingredients, you might want to riot.

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18. Ever wanted to be your favorite Lego guy?

Reddit | yves_kr

Now you can buy the same mug that Lego men use but, you know, normal sized.

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19. This takes "window well" to a whole other level.

Reddit | TheRedGeradir

These grandparents have a well in their kitchen, sealed over with a see-through window. Not super effective for water retrieval, but still a very cool piece of decor,

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20. This exam paper allows you to learn drawing skills while you wait for the clock to be up.

Reddit | zerosquare1012

Monkeying around is encouraged in this classroom.

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21. You know what we really needed? Build-A-Pen.

Reddit | napoleonpp

All of us stationary lovers out there are DROOLING.

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22. List Item #25

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23. I constantly forget where I've left off on the page of the book I'm reading.

Reddit | JayGold

Fortunately, this man created a bookmark that highlights the place you finished reading to prevent wasted time.

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24. In Singapore, senior citizens can tap their ID on crosswalks to get extra crossing time.

Reddit | floralwarhead

I mean, it probably takes you longer to dig out an ID card than it would to cross the road, but this is good in theory.

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25. It's hard to be on the paper straws trend when they fall a part so easily.

Reddit | Viroraptor

That's why this restaurant in Vietnam has started using plant materials as straws rather than paper or plastic.

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26. Firm but fair piano rules at a hotel.

Reddit | dildil321

There should be rules like this for playing "Wonderwall" at parties.

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27. Who needs an oven anyway?

Reddit | Sir_Orrin

This old radiator has a compartment built in just for heating things up.

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28. Having a wet umbrella is the WORST.

Reddit | Kang-Korp

That's why this airport created an umbrella-dryer, specifically made so you don't have to carry around a sopping mess.

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29. This street art only makes sense at certain times of the day.

Reddit | picklejewce

You may not get to see it all the time, but it's certainly clever.

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30. Nobody likes a noisy neighbor.

Reddit | apmartin1991

To help the other families on their street, this couple handed out earplugs a few days ahead of a party they were having.

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31. Trust me, you need a Game Boy vending machine.

Reddit | dylbrunk

No point in buying snacks if there aren't games to play while you eat.

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32. If positive reinforcement isn't working, try guilt!

Reddit | Wessel-P

That's what this park is trying anyhow.

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33. That hammer could break titanium.

Reddit | qevoh

If you don't get it, that means that you're young and I'm old. See, old-school Nokia phones were known for two things: that Snake game, and also for being stronger than Thor himself.

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34. Yes!

Reddit | El_Torito23

It's always felt like homework, especially in the early grades, is pretty useless. How can it be good for a kid to go to school all day, then work into the night?

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35. Libraries are the best.

Reddit | bradshaw1992

This Binge Box idea is a cool way to rent out groups of movies along a similar theme. Mostly, though, I'm still in awe of the fact that you can get amazing movies at the library.

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