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13+ Super Annoying Coworkers We All Know Too Well

It's a bit unrealistic to think that you're going to get along with everyone you work with, or that everyone will be a star employee. But I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to say you'd at least hope most of them would be tolerable.

Sadly, the world isn't a perfect place, and sometimes we end up working with people who turn out to be our own personal versions of Dwight from The Office. And not in a "he's-so-crazy-it's-actually-entertaining" kind of way, either.

1. This personally offends me.

Reddit | marissakalyn

Someone had to use their coworker's desk for a day and found out just how monstrous their colleague really is when it comes to their phone cord.

Seriously, how could anyone even use this?

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2. It's time to change.

Reddit | bothersomethoughts

Anyone who's worked retail before knows there's nothing worse than someone who doesn't separate their til. So when it comes time for you to count their register, you're left with this hot mess of nickels, quarters, dimes, and nonsense.

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3. One man's trash is another man's...problem.

Reddit | FlashGordon07

Someone at work took out the garbage can and just never replaced it, so their poor coworker had a massive and wildly unnecessary cleanup job waiting for them.

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4. Taste test.

Reddit | thatpaulallen

Donuts at the office are always a fun surprise. What's not a fun surprise is when one of your coworkers can't decide which donut they want, so they just cut a chunk out of every single one.

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5. Fresh cup of sludge, anyone?

Reddit | ManBehindJulio0cho

Whenever this coworker gets their hands on the office coffee maker, they make the thickest coffee humanly possible. Maybe it's time to get them their own coffee pot.

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6. Or you could try drinking from this office's coffeemaker.

Reddit | StraightSkippy

But if I were you, I'd pick the sludge over this moldy mess. Might save you a trip to the hospital.

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7. I think we all know someone who does this crap.

Reddit | dingdong51

Even if they aren't a coworker, there always seems to be one person at the potluck who doesn't care about anyone else and just dumps the spoon into the food.

Might as well just give the middle finger to the next person in line while you're at it.

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8. Next-level laziness.

Reddit | Scilaci

This coworker was asked to hole punch a 50-page document. So naturally, they forced the hole punch through most of those 50 pages in one go and called it a day.

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9. Physics? Never heard of her.

Reddit | Rigamix

I'm actually a little impressed by this coworker's level of laziness, and their ingenuity. How is that empty roll at the front even staying put?

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10. First day driving, I presume?

Reddit | Gohjy

Not one but two coworkers decided to turn the parking lot into an infuriating eyesore with their disgusting park jobs. Obviously the Jeep arrived after the black car, but why did its driver ever think that would be the best place to park?

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11. Pictured: the absolutely bare minimum.

Reddit | whathtefunkmaster

If your job involves mopping the floors of a grocery store, you probably don't love it, but you should at least give it some effort. Clearly, this co-worker was fresh out of effort for the day.

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12. "A coworker throws out half-used receipt rolls because he 'doesn't like when the receipts get curly.'"

Reddit | ncuppaidge

I'd like to speak to this person's manger, please. This is just unacceptable, and this is why the icecaps are melting, people.

Bless the coworker who fished these out of the garbage, though. You the real MVP.

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13. Passive aggressive notes are a staple in any office.

Reddit | Brodoor

I'm just impressed at how well their equally passive aggressive coworker was able to write their message back in ketchup. Move aside, fancy calligraphy; this is real art.

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14. When you work with a monster.

Reddit | Stupid_Genious

This person's coworker returned their stapler and casually mentioned that it ran out of staples while they were using it. If that's not the most infuriating thing you've seen today, you're wrong.

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15. This is basically a crime.

Reddit | AristonD

Someone at this person's work decided it would be a really good idea to combine two different types of candy in the break room. The worst part? It was M&M's and Skittles. Thanks, Satan.

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16. Careless coworkers.

Reddit | Family_Gardener

It honestly doesn't get more careless than this. They were literally so close to the cigarette disposal, and still decided to just flick those butts on the ground.

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17. Believe it or not, it can get much worse.

Reddit | Klaxon722

These coworkers care even less during their smoke breaks.

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18. This coworker clearly had no interest in the edge pieces.

Reddit | NakedZombieWolf

While diving right into the middle pieces is just poor brownie etiquette, I also don't particularly like their haphazard way of cutting. While making sure they got the biggest piece, they made the others significantly smaller. How rude.

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19. Even lab coworkers can be super annoying.

Reddit | damnsamsquantch

This colleague consistently uses micropipette tips like this and nothing has ever infuriated me more. And I don't even work there.

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20. This person just never, ever cleans their mug. And it shows.

Reddit | scraplog

While this doesn't directly affect their coworkers, it does make you wonder how well (if at all) they clean the communal work dishes they use.

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21. This just breaks my heart.

Reddit | vondahl

Someone explain to me what the point of this is. Muffins are fantastic. Just eat the whole thing, you monsters.

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22. Happy holidays everybody.

Reddit | fla_man

How bad do your coworkers have to be for the Christmas party poster having to be written up like this? My guess is pretty freaking bad.

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23. Grab a fork, if you dare.

Reddit | Bay-D

This is how a coworker put away three sharp knives into a utensil holder hidden beneath the sink. So that was probably a nice surprise for Carol and her salad.

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24. This is how a coworker treats their work van.

Reddit | MilkMan5436

Kind of makes you wonder how they treat their own vehicle. Are they nicer to it because it's their own or do they still not care about what they're driving around in?

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25. Don't worry, you're not looking a murder scene.

Reddit | GodShoeShine

This is how one meat butcher's coworker always leaves his work area at the end of the day. Clean up? Totally unnecessary.

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26. Pranked?

Reddit | CherylSperling

This coworker thought it would be funny to bring in dead leaves and scatter them around the office to punk their coworkers. And I'm sure the janitor also found it super funny.

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27. So here's the thing about fridges...

Reddit | BuckyDean

They don't actually cool anything down if there's no room for the air to circulate.

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28. This one just makes my eyes hurt.

Reddit | BobbyRicecakes

How can anyone possibly function with their desktop looking like that? Does this person know folders exist?

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29. Monstrous.

Reddit | Jack26598

This is how someone's coworker decided to open a communal bag of bread. The rage this makes me feel is indescribable.

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30. Coworkers thought it would be funny to switch around someone's keyboard keys.

Reddit | segasaver

This is a funny prank when you're in elementary school, but maybe we should leave the childish work-impeding antics out of the office. I don't know, just a suggestion.

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31. This coworker requested two monitors.

Reddit | Acidous

Apparently, they needed the second one to stick sticky notes onto because of course they did. What else do you use monitors for?

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32. The one coworker who always leaves time on the microwave.

Reddit | pancakeravy

This is super annoying, but it could be worse. I really hate when someone takes their food out with like 1:35 or something left and you think that's the actual time. Just hit reset. It's one button, people.

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33. Go on, stick your hand in.

Reddit | PandaSushi06

Speaking as someone who has worked in a bakery, I can confirm that there are people who just do not care enough to wash their hands before putting on the communal oven mitts.

And that's just disgusting.

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34. Dig in.

Twiter | @caveofbeauty

This coworker's contribution to the office potluck was an open bag of raw chicken. So basically, he brought a big helping of salmonella to the party. Thankfully, I'm sure there was enough to go around.

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