Stores Already Have Their Christmas Decorations Out Even Though It's Summer

There are some people that absolutely love Christmas and go all out every year and there are those that couldn't care less. Which one are you? If you answered that you're a Christmas lover then this article is definitely for you.

Because, believe it or not, there are stores out there that are already displaying Christmas merchandise in the middle of summer.

Oh wow, I get it they need to stock up on stuff so they're ready by Thanksgiving but honestly, I just can't get on the Christmas train in July.

It's still so hot outside!

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Huh? Come again? Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?

Doesn't anyone enjoy summer anymore or am I alone in this? Get this snowman away from me now.

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If you've got people doing this in your family I feel your pain.

Can we leave the four seasons exactly where they are supposed to be? Pretty please. Thank you.

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Okay, this dude is posing with a Christmas tree in July because he's mocking them or is he really into this stuff?

I think this pub has gone insane.

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That's one way for Hallmark to get me to avoid shopping in their store.

Because I'm dreaming of the beach and not snow-covered hilltops. Enough said. Bye-bye!

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As much as I love NYC I don't think you could pay me to set foot in this Christmas decked out restaurant in July.

In December, by all means, yes.

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I love watching QVC but the fact they're selling Christmas-related items on the hottest day of the year has me scratching my head.

What gives? Come on!

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I'm happy that I'm not the only one who's a Grinch about seeing Christmas stuff in July because I was starting to think I was an anomaly.



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Who shops for Christmas cakes in July?

I guess Santa does and some other people as well. While I'm craving popsicles and ice cream these folks are craving gingerbread men.

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Stop the presses, stop the presses!

This just in: Stores are already putting out Christmas decorations and it's only July. I really don't want to read those headlines. Not ready!

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Am I the only one who's just learning about this?

Twitter | @LordLancelot_

I thought it was bad enough to start seeing Halloween decorations in Septemeber but this is too much.

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I'm with this lady.

If I see any Christmas decorations in my neighborhood before I'm ready, I can't promise that I will be able to control myself. Sorry, not sorry!

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As much as I love Halloween I don't want to see this stuff yet.

Same for Christmas. Why? Because I don't want to be reminded of snow in summer!

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Is it just me or are Christmas decorations in July a summer buzzkill?

Giphy | Hallmark eCards

I want to frolic at the beach, eat too much ice cream and not think about Santa.

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