32 Genius Little Design Ideas That Need To Become Commonplace

Diply 12 Mar 2018

You know those little stray thoughts you have when something could be just a little bit better? You wonder why the designer didn't do this one obvious thing that would make everyone's lives easier.

But for you, it's just a stray idea and you don't follow through. I think we've all done that, and the truly genius among us actually act on those ideas.

1. How many parents have fought tired arms while secretly wishing they could also swing?

Reddit | Bearat

This genius little swing solves both problems, letting parent and child face each other and swing together. No matter how long your kid insists on swinging for, there are no tired arms.

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2. Super simple, but these change room hangers are also super handy.

Reddit | Pumpkinspice90

During big shopping sprees, those tiny fitting rooms can become a confusing mess of garments. These hangers not only help sort the clothes as you go, but they probably also increase sales slightly. There isn't a "NO" hanger for a reason.

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3. This package of gum bought in Hong Kong includes paper to wrap used gum in. 

Reddit | nt261999

Ideally, everyone would neatly wrap their chewed gum and throw it in the garbage, but you don't always have a tissue handy. This gum makes sure that no one uses that excuse for sticking it under a chair.

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4. This store is a haven for introverts like me. 

Reddit | hand_

Their shopping baskets are color-coded so that the staff can tell whether you would like them to offer aid, or if you'd like to be left alone. Far more polite than my usual headphones tactic.

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5. Continuing the trend of introvert godsends...

Reddit | Reddit

This remote was found in a restaurant and allows patrons to request a server, request their bill, and let the server know they are done so the table can be cleared for the next guest.

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6. Upcycling win: turning Britain's classic phone booths into public defibrillators. 

Reddit | notakidnapperhonest

The new paint job indicates its transformation. This allows Britain to still retain that time-honored design, but this time as a true lifesaver.

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7. In a culture that is using cash less and less, a card-based tip jar makes perfect sense. 

Reddit | McBloggenstein

Although, "Dip Jar" is really a stretch. I get that they were trying to rhyme, but I don't think anyone "dips" a credit card into anything.

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8. Some airports have begun adding bathrooms for traveling pets. 

Reddit | twotea

Once you're through security, it's hard to take Fido outside for a bio break. This gives them some turf to feel comfortable, and even has a little shower for pets who may have had accidents.

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9. I doubt this is feasible for every product, but I still love it.

Reddit | TheLonelyCaricature

Not only does this brand of toothpaste list ingredients, but it also states exactly where they're from and why they're in the product.

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10. Sure, our phones have a calculator built in, but this is more convenient.

Reddit | Afrocean

You don't need to swipe between your list and your calculator app, and you can keep a running tally of your total. Plus, holding your phone means you never have both hands free to shop or steer.

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11. This Alzheimer's ward disguised the exit door as a bookcase to keep patients from getting lost. 

Reddit | torsades_

Another trick some wards use is to have a keypad lock set with the current year as the code. It can sound like a mean trick, but it can also save lives.

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12. Ever take your dog out for a walk on a hot day and realize too late that you should have brought water?

Reddit | Somethingclever13

This water fountain solves that problem in a very simple way. Water collects in a lower bowl before draining away.

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13. Elevator buttons for you toes

Reddit | CarrollPC

In the battle against spreading germs, folks forget about all the hands that touch elevator button panels. That's why this one has buttons at foot level, so you don't need your hands.

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14. Daily medication is a tricky habit to keep.

Reddit | CptnBo

You want to build it into your routine, but sometimes you're left staring at the bottle, unable to remember if you actually took your pills. This bottle resets the timer each time the bottle is opened.

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15. Stores have a lot of carts to keep tabs on, and so they can't always know when a specific one needs fixing. 

Reddit | Master-Obvious

This store has it figured out. If you find a cart with a wonky wheel or another issue, you can attach a tag to alert the store.

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16. This public washroom makes it perfectly clear which stalls are available. 

Reddit | Shagfastic

So no knocking or leaning down to check for feet. And no awkward moment when you realize that there was an empty stall all along, but the door was just stuck.

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17. All elevators have a maximum weight limit, but this one actually calculates it for you.

Imgur | VampirezKing

It can make you feel a lot more comfortable when you're climbing a dozen floors with a crowd.

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18. All parking lots should have something like this.

Reddit | Reddit

Extending the lines up onto the wall helps you stay straight as you park. It can also act as a better guide for how close to the otherwise flat surface you actually are.

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19. By building a funnel into this dustpan's handle, it saves an annoying mess.

Reddit | ambianceambiance

You can be sure that everything you swept up actually ends up in the garbage instead of on the floor around the bin.

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20. This light switch illuminates when in the off position. 

Reddit | ToxicSpook

So you don't need to fumble in the dark to find the switch. This would be great in my basement, where I can never find the dangling cord.

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21. Stop getting lost in big department stores with this built-in GPS map.

Reddit | 517634

As a consumer, I love this idea. I can get what I need and get out, but I can see stores disliking it for the same reason.

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22. This mirror has a section that stays fog-free.

Reddit | rarkgrames

This would streamline my mornings so much! Trying to wipe away the fog with a cloth just makes the mirror streaky, so this is so much better!

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23. This pocket planner helps you easily find your current day.

Reddit | frankrizzo24

The bottom corner is perforated, allowing you to tear it out at the end of the day. No bookmark needed!

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24. There's no mystery meat here!

Reddit | perukid796

The empanada has its label pressed right into the crust, making sure that you never accidentally grab the wrong one again.

Assuming the cook uses the right press, of course.

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25. Wet floor signs have never been so appropriate.

Reddit | C-Ron

Even though they're bright yellow, these caution signs are so ubiquitous that our gaze often slides right past them. The novelty of a banana peel-shaped version is sure to get it noticed.

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26. That'll make it easier to find.

Reddit | codegreen_

If you're ever looking for the library in Kansas City, it's a safe bet that it's inside the building that looks like a gigantic row of literary classics. This is an awesome, thematically-appropriate way to liven up a building's facade.

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27. Sometimes, a little detail is so clever that it deserves to be celebrated.

Reddit | rexbry

In any other place, these envelope-inspired tiles would be odd, but at the National Postal Museum, they are absolutely perfect.

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28. Never have someone take off with your umbrella again — whether by accident or by design — by stashing it in one of these special lockers.

Reedit | convivialcor

Because there's nothing worse than finding yourself without an umbrella when you need one, especially when you know you had one to begin with.

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29. In another bit of clever packaging, this gum looks like teeth.

Reddit | undefinedcolton

It's a great way to catch the eye of a person waiting in line while also playing into the sugar-free benefits of the gum itself.

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30. There's an overpass not far from Diply headquarters that desperately needs this.

Reddit | DrJulianBashir

Every time a truck gets crushed, the photos are shared, and no amount of warning lights or signs seem to have helped. Something like this could save a lot of money in insurance.

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31. I would really like Ikea to institute this. KTHX.

Imgur | RunningPoohinator

I recently put together an Ikea bed frame, and even though their instructions are fine, I'm tired of sorting screws before I start.

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32. These coasters don't just keep the furniture safe from rings, they carry an important message.

Reddit | Morril

Each one is made from metal recycled from cars involved in drunk driving accidents.

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