11+ People Who Wanna Regret The Heck Outta Here

Diply 31 Jul 2018

Guys, let me let y'all in on a li'l secret — regret is a very normal emotion!

I believe everyone should be regretful, constantly! Why? Because it means you're living your MF life to the fullest!

Leave that bank account empty! Break those hearts! Eat those cold fries you found on the side of road! Live like the people you're about to read about in this article because life is about living, amirite?!

1. Imagine this is the only urinal available after drinking a venti cold brew with a li'l soy milk. An actual nightmare!

Reddit | Comet_Dawn

Like, rock climbing is extra hard 'cause you have to lift your physical body weight, which is the real gag here.

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2. Crossfit is already an absolutely not. Crossfit sans clothing? Uh, yeah, I'd rather die.

Reddit | TioGNL

There is a reason the good ppl at Lululemon invented cute workout clothing, 'cause that's what ONE SHOULD WEAR TO WORK OUT!

Give me yoga pants or give me death!

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3. Imagine having a chair made of flesh in your home and not being a serial killer! 

Reddit | Cjohnsonmaui

Visualize going over to your new man's house and seeing he has a FLESH CHAIR. How fast do you turn around??? How quickly can you spell REGRET?!

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Unless the fake flesh is being injected into my skin via filler and botox, I am not here for this science experiment!!!


I am 21 and already insanely worried about wrinkles, like, can this chair at least make new skin grow on my face?!

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4. Doing bad makeup on yourself is tough but acceptable. Having bad makeup done on you is a whole other level of tragic.

Reddit | drops_of_Sunshine

This is not a face beat, this is a face CHEAT.

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5. When ur best friend asks if you wanna stay for dinner...

Reddit | Xerohs-

Look, I'm not expecting Gordon Ramsey realness, but I am expecting a li'l more than a meal that looks like it was made by an actual toddler.

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6. I bet this poor employee is thinking it's time to get a new job. 

Reddit | MythicalAce

I get it, scary movies can be real stressful, but please don't make the angsty teenager making $11 an hour clean up your DISGUSTING fake nails!

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7. I would regret everything about this procreation if my husband DARED to attempt a viral middle name challenge. 

Reddit | moonpies4everyone

Freedom isn't even that weird of a middle name?? I feel like this is a lot of effort for nothing.

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8. I know I shouldn't be a snob about soda, but, like, I AM!

Reddit | MichaelMotorcycl

I can see how a busy soccer mom, or a lazy college student, could mistake Moutain Shoutin' for Mountain Dew, but it doesn't make the taste of regret sting any less.

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9. When you tell the boys you can't make it to dinner, but change your mind last minute.

Reddit | _BoilingCold_

Imagine putting on real pants and leaving your house, only to have ur friends disrespect you like this!

How dare they?!

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You know what my LONELY self doesn't need? To stare at my own reflection while eating alone, AGAIN!


I expect this while eating pad Thai in my PJs, watching Netflix — NOT IN PUBLIC WITH MY FRIENDS!

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10. OMG, I just love childhood mystic being ruined. WOW! 

Reddit | Reddit

Have you ever, no offense, seen anything more terrifying?! Let's just all, as a collective human race, promise we will never look underneath a teddy's clothing again!

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11. How does this even happen? How do you look at your physical self in the mirror after doing something so humiliating? 

Reddit | NapClub

I would regret even looking my driver's license after defying actual gravity like this.

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12. Hello, Mr. Real Estate Agent? I'd like to move, ASAP! 

Reddit | massivecoller

If my next door neighbor was bold enough to leave an actual casket on the side of the road, I don't wanna know what kind of horrors they have hidden inside!

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13. Hey, so, just like a quick QUICK question... HOW DOES A COW GET ONTO THE ROOF???

Reddit | rayrogue

If this is not an actual visual representation of regret, I don't know what is.

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14. Hey, millennials! Tired of basic b lemon water? Well, don't worry, boo-boos, we have something new for you!

Twitter | Twitter

JK. Who thought the mushiest fruit in the world would work with ice water?

That's a nope from me!

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