9+ People Who Aren't The Smartest But They Are Funny

You know that time you did something really dumb even though you're usually a pretty smart person? Well, that happens to the best of us. But when those silly moments get captured online that's even worse.

Check out these funny blunders people did and I bet it will make you feel better next time you do something pretty stupid yourself.

1. Professor Blunder

Reddit | siouxsie_siouxv2

If this is the type of professors that are teaching kids these days I feel so sorry for those kids. LOL! Get your head on straight, professor!

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2. When You Press Send Too Fast

Reddit | kamel_hump

Sent picture of my kids (left) to the wrong number and their (right) response was ... How many times have you done this?

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3. Just PEZ

Reddit | moneyman12239

Because PEZ is the best recreational drug there is, eh? OMG, this person actually thought their kid was doing drugs when they found this candy.

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4. When HR Gets It Wrong

Reddit | frankcsgo

Imagine being this guy from Australia who's been getting e-mails for over a year from HR of a company he doesn't work for? Wow.

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5. It Doesn't Exist, Buddy!

Reddit | piscuison

I think that feature is called taking a picture with your son facing the camera. Get it? No? Still, don't get it? I give up.

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6. When The Mannequins Look Too Real

Reddit | LeviathanChaos

Apparently, this poor girl was waiting in this lineup for five minutes before she realized the line wasn't moving because they're mannequins. Ha, ha!

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7. Hair Protection

Reddit | Xan_007

You know you're dating a girl who's high maintenance when she cares about protecting her hair from the rain more than she does her laptop. So smart!

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8. World's Dumbest Criminal

Reddit | Slade-lab

If you're going to attempt stealing anything just make sure your math is right because this guy went through all the trouble for a measly $30.

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9. Wrong Superhero History

Reddit | lowis007

Wait a minute, I think whoever posted this forgot that all these superheroes are actually orphans so how can they listen to their parents?

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10. Are You Serious?

Reddit | iAmWillyAmm

So apparently someone posted this on Facebook believing that it was true. But they're only 21 so maybe we can let them get away with it.

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11. Number 2

Reddit | bendoverjohn

Apparently, this was posted in some bathroom somewhere. Now if you've been doing number two like in this picture, there's something seriously wrong with you. The end!

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12. Maybe This Was A Test?

Reddit | friskyfrog

Maybe the designer of this outfit meant to put the wrong animal to teach babies how to identify mistakes. Maybe?

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13. This Poor Person Was Set Up To Fail

Reddit | GalaxyOctopus

To be fair, there is no such thing as a blue raspberry, so I think this is the best attempt we could have hoped for.

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14. If You're Going To Cheat, Don't Do What This Person Did

Reddit | severusssblackkk

Plagiarizing a paper from someone who won "Film Critic of the Year" is definitely not the smartest idea.

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15. Gold Stars For Trying

Reddit | dragonclaw518

"What my sister gave me when I graduated high school next to what she gave me three years later when I dropped out of college," said Reddit user dragonclaw518.

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16. If You Fall In The Shower, Don't Do This.

I get it. Your reflexes kick in and you try and grab anything. I'm just saying that water won't help you in this situation.

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17. This Is A Situation

Reddit | iam_nobody

I guess everyone just has one of those days sometimes, huh?

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18. At Least She Remembered Eventually

I actually feel so bad for this person. I'm sure the dog was happy to miss a trip to the vet, though.

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19. Funny And Terrifying

I can't help but think that if there's a sign, that probably means that someone was dumb enough to do this. Yikes!

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20. Not The Look She Was Going For

Dunking your hair accidentally in a bucket of paint is a hair disaster no one wants to deal with. Hopefully, she was able to rinse it out!

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21. When Your Insurance Lady Gets Confused

I can't believe this girl's mom send the car insurance lady pictures of herself instead of her car. What was she thinking? LOL!

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22. AC/DC

Reddit | MiserableWorld

Um, is this guy for real? Does he actually think Freddie Mercury was the singer of AC/DC? I wonder if the tattoo artist was laughing his ass off.

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This makes me feel so much better because last time I didn't have my morning coffee I had so many blunders.


But I guess everyone has a day where they aren't the brightest, right?

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